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Inspirational Mood Boards for All Four SCAD Locations

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD ATL chapter.

Setting out to study at all four SCAD locations can be just as ambitious a goal as going after the elusive EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony). Not many universities, let alone art schools, have developed such a diverse international presence as SCAD. Yet in my four years here, I’ve only met three students who made it a priority to visit every campus. This small sample may relate to how many students are initially turned off by the idea of study abroad when they realize the amount of planning that goes into classes, jobs and financial aid to make it happen. After experiencing the life-changing magic of Lacoste though, I started thinking that maybe all SCAD students need to reconsider this amazing opportunity is to view study abroad in a new light, or more specifically, a new layout. So to help spread SCAD’s universal good vibes, I’ve complied four Pinterest mood boards for each location – Savannah, Atlanta, Lacoste and Hong Kong – to inspire SCAD students to embrace their wanderlust if only for a little while.


See the complete Savannah mood board on our Pinterest page.

The peaceful ambiance and sprawling campus of SCAD Savannah has been curated since 1978 to accommodate art students from all walks of life. The coastal town’s Spanish moss canopies, bike-friendly streets and antebellum architecture uphold both Southern history and SCAD’s sleek creative charm. The Savannah mood board has a matte color palette of leafy greens, burnt sienna brick buildings and sharp pops of color from vintage storefronts and the ever-popular Sidewalk Chalk Arts Festival.     


See the complete Atlanta mood board on our Pinterest page.

The more tech savvy cityscape of Atlanta is home to both a vibrant art scene and widespread career opportunities. From natural spaces like Piedmont Park and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to daring street art at Little Five Points and the Beltline, the urban youth culture is strong here and will continue to thrive with Atlanta’s growing film and TV success. The Atlanta mood board features bright graffiti, winking city lights and a slew of scrumptious treats.   


See the complete Lacoste mood board on our Pinterest page.

The tiny French town of Lacoste gives off an ever-present cloud of lavender perfume, mixed in with the changing season’s odor of fruit, olives and freshly baked croissants. The silence is almost deafening as dusty ochre trails and abounding natural light continue to enchant painters, poets and visual artists with post-impressionist history. The Lacoste mood board is warm and earthy with striking van Gogh landscapes and sleepy cobblestone villages with splashes of pastel color.

Hong Kong      

See the complete Hong Kong mood board on our Pinterest page.

Hong Kong’s glittering skyline and rich cultural tastes have attracted both Eastern and Western students interested fast-paced city life. Nestled in the heart of the Sham Shui Po district, SCAD Hong Kong is every digital media artist’s haven with intricate designs, experimental cuisine and unforgettable attractions like The Golden Moon and Giant Buddha. The Hong Kong mood board adopts a calming Buddhist aesthetic with bold fashion choices and eclectic marketplaces – not to mention Dog Cafes!

For more information on SCAD study abroad, check out the study abroad channel on MySCAD or visit the locations page on scad.edu.  

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Emme Raus is studying for her B.F.A. in writing with a minor in creative writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She studies at the SCAD Atlanta campus and loves her dog Jerry.
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