I'd Hate to Be That Person, but Valentine's Day Is Overrated

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, unless you are reading this on a day that isn’t February 13th. Over across grocery stores you’d be seeing roses, chocolates, all kinds of desserts, cards and more. That nice, expensive restaurant from across the street will likely be packed and full of couples. Someone is likely to engaged on this day, someone is likely to be asked out on that day. My question to any couple or person reading this is: Why? Let me expand further. While there may be a deeper history behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day, just like any other holiday in most cases the original traditions may be lost in translation to our present atmosphere and holidays end up being celebrated as long as we keep blindly repeating these traditions and as long as we hold meaning to days like these. When you think about it, holidays only really ever have any meaning as long as you allow it to have meaning to you personally. However, capitalism is used to its advantage as companies and stores sell cards and other gifts and make tons of money.

Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t me bashing on Valentine’s Day, but as someone who remains neutral on the subject, Valentine’s Day is overrated. However, I do believe that any holiday is overrated as Valentine’s Day is definitely not the only holiday that others see as more of a corporate cash-grab (looking at you, Christmas). Here are the reasons, however, that it is a relatively overrated holiday as well as handing out alternatives to this technically optional day.


You should always show your significant other love any other time.

This also applies to that couple on Facebook or Instagram that posts cutesy-type photos with captions talking about how much you love them on Valentine’s Day or showing off the expensive gift they got you. There’s a saying that the more a couple posts about each other on social media, the less happy they are with each other. It’s important to remember when you’re in a relationship, you should definitely show them appreciation basically any other day besides just one day a year.

Focus on self-love, especially if you’re single

This goes without saying. It’s okay to be single on valentines. Instead of moping about how single you are, focus on loving you, take yourself out on a date somewhere. Self-love is important and in turn making the day about loving yourself may in turn be great for you and your health.

Should you choose to celebrate, do something with more meaning to you.

Typical to-do list of any average couple celebrating: Flowers/chocolate, dinner and/or movie, maybe sex? That’s it? Try to make it sound as fun and original as you want but why go with what most people are doing and instead do something that’s more meaningful to your relationship. Don’t propose on Valentine’s day or give them obligatory gifts, send them an appreciation text (bonus: if you live together, sneak out of bed, grab a dry-erase marker or a pen and sticky-notes, write small, simple, and short love notes onto the bathroom mirror. Make sure you’re “asleep” when they wake up and see that first thing in the bathroom. You’ll thank me later.) That being said, go for something quirkier and more unconventional if that’s the thing you’re into.

Want to go all out? Congratulations, you’re definitely now (or more) broke!

This goes without saying: Valentine’s Day is expensive. Let’s go back to that formula from the previous entry. Depending on the size of the bouquet, flowers will be around $4-10 while chocolate will maybe be around $3-5. If you go somewhere super expensive, dinner may be $20 per person, not even including the tip (TIP YOUR SERVERS!), and that night show is about $15 per person, before the $15 large popcorn and other such. Forgetting that expensive lingerie piece from Victoria’s Secret that you picked out to surprise your partner, you’re looking at most about $85 spent in just one day when that money could have been used towards bills to pay. Remember, you can always do something inexpensive and more meaningful should you choose to.