How Instagram is Ruling the Fashion Business World

We all are aware of the significance of Instagram for all aspects of business and marketing because of how quickly one can build their online presence. Companies need it to sell themselves, their brands, and to tell stories to cater to people all over the world. However, I think it’s most interesting to delve into how it’s helping the fashion world explode in all aspects. Whether it’s promoting the brand and the brand value or to going into more serious matters like preventing animal cruelty and the importance of sustainability in today’s day and age, all of these things are majorly endorsed through the social media app, Instagram. 

Eva Chen, the head of Instagram’s fashion partnership, states that customers feel more connected to the brands because they have more access to the brand’s voice. Designers are attempting to use Instagram TV and Instagram live, which allows audiences to view their upcoming or new collections, fashion shows and other promotional events. Moreover, designers have started to use more hashtags to grab people’s attention because it becomes easier for people to search for them. 

A big way in which fashion designers grow their brands is through influencers. An influencer, if you don’t know, are people who are “Insta Famous” and have a huge following base. They are sent clothes by the company to promote on their personal accounts. This doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be someone in Hollywood or a singer, there are men and women out there who have truly just grown by promoting many brands, big or small. It's an expensive process because the greater the number of followers they have, the more money an influencer may ask for. However, it's an effective method and will only help the company in the long run because more tags these influencers use, the more well-known they’ll become.

Moreover, influencers, famous people and brands provide multiple places to access their clothes and website. Instagram has the link in bio concept which eliminates the factor of you having to search for the website on your browser, you can just access it with a click. Also, the company’s main account usually provides tags on the clothing in the photograph they’ve taken of which shows the price and the name of the piece of clothing which again, makes it simpler for it’s audience to access.

Thus, it can be seen that moving forward, Instagram is only going to help promote a brand and its identity through these various facets. It’s very important, whether the clothing line be a start-up or well-known, to engage in these millennial marketing abilities to continuously stimulate growth.