Happy Truths About the Fashion Industry

A lot of people can be scared or intimidated to delve into the fashion industry. This leads to a comodulated misconception that the fashion world is difficult to adjust to and very challenging, which it very much is, but the perks of working in the industry tend to get ignored. Take a look at the good stuff you’ll get from working in it. 

For one, having a good mentor can really take you places. They may work you to the bone, but you may come out having a great connection and learning a lot about the background of the area of fashion you wish to delve into. They may be rude and hard to work with, but you’re hoping that one day, your opinions will matter to them too. This is the other simple thing about fashion, just commenting and giving your opinion on a draft of an outfit, is considered work. However, if you feel like you’re not able to make your way through to your boss, move on. The fashion world is very fast paced and requires you to make connections at the snap of your fingers and it’s very easy to tell, early on, how well you’re getting along with your peers. If you’re not vibing with someone, it’ll be easy to find someone else who will provide you with what you’re looking for. Making connections is everything because companies tend to hire within the company because they trust who they work with and know they’ll get the job done. 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in fashion and dress well, but it’ll be refreshing to know, at least for me, that you don’t need to wear designer clothes to fit into the vibe. As long as you’re all cleaned up and look refreshed and ready for the day with clothes that don’t have holes in it, you’ll be fine!

Moreover, you may actually enjoy the initial grunge work and constant running around that a fashion career requires. It grows on you because you love what you do and you get to constantly be creative! There will be bad days and days where you will break down in that Uber home, but you know you will still get up again the next day, make an appearance and do the work until you make your way in the industry.