Graduation Gift Guide: Art School Edition

Graduation is just around I'm sure that those of you who are graduating this term are just as excited to be finished as I am. Now is the perfect time to figure out gift ideas for your fellow grads or think of some nice things to buy for yourself. Since we're in art school, I thought I'd come up with a gift guide for all you art students.

Graphics Tablet

For those digital artists (Animation, Game Design, etc.), this is a great gift. Perfect for retouching of those digital, creative artworks you're working on. Plus, it's under $60, which is not a bad price.

Paint Brush Set

This is a classic gift idea for an artist. Even if you're not a painting major, if you love to paint then this is a perfect gift for you or your grad friends. This brush set works with acrylic, watercolor, oil, and gouache paint. Guaranteed to create beautiful artworks.

Van Gogh Mug

Receiving a mug is always a nice gift for tons of occasions. For all you Van Gogh fans out there, this is a nice mug based on one of the artist's paintings. I love the aesthetics of Van Gogh and I thought that this gift idea would be nice.


Sketchbooks are the perfect place to keep your drawings and sketches. If you know a fellow grad who's great at drawing, this gift is for them. Even if they already have a ton of sketchbooks, it’s only a matter of time before they run out of room and need another. 

Portfolio Case

Running out of room to carry your past projects? Consider getting a new portfolio case for your artwork. This case is guaranteed to carry your canvases, tools, tripods, etc.