Glamour VS. Simplicity: Which Look Will Snag You a Man?

Don't have a Valentine? Still apart of the #SINGLELIFE? Well listen up!! Like many ladies, I always thought dressing really glamorous and being super dolled-up was a sure way to get a man (quality man). Sure, it may catch a few eyes, but it simply won’t spark a meaningful conversation or get you the man you want. For a long time, I didn’t understand this. When I would go out, I always dressed super glamorous and fashionable; while my friend E, on the other hand, dressed super simple. As it turned out, I was NEVER getting any numbers, while Lizzie was pulling guys left and right. Stop! I know what you're thinking, “Well, maybe she’s more attractive” or “May-be she has a better personality”, but this was simply not the case. The only major difference between us was how we dressed. Luckily, one day, I managed to figure this out.

To get a male perspective on this style phenomenon, I asked some male friends and discovered that dressing simple makes you look more approachable. To guys, you look cool, easy-going, and fun, (like you’re not too glamorous to get your nails dirty and have a great time). So to be sure, I put it to the test. One day, for the first half of the day I dressed really glamorous, and for the second half of the day, I dressed really simple (yet CUTE). I went to social events, the mall, restaurants, and any place that men were sure to be. Surprisingly, I got way more gentlemen approaching me for a conversation. Don’t believe me? I challenge you!

Compare being super dolled-up to dressing simple. Don’t know how? Here are a few cute and simple must haves. Now, don’t get me wrong, I always love to get glamorous when I'm in the mood to do so. These must-haves are great for quick errands, casual settings, school, and etc. They are also suitable across seasons.


  1. The Canadian Suit (double denim)

                                         Getty Image 

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The best thing about this look and the reason that so many people from celebrities to local fashionistas love this look is because it can be worn all year round! You can rock it this spring, and double dip back in it during the fall. I personally love to wear this look with the denim top left unbuttoned and a white tank top underneath. I also like to add a pop of color to this look with red converses.



2. Plaid Shirts

                                       Steal her Style Image 

Similar to the top in the double denim outfit, the plaid top, in my opinion, is best worn leaving the plaid top unbuttoned with a crisp white tank top underneath, and with red converses (if the plaid top is red of course).



3. A white tank paired with light denim jeans and nude heels

                                       Pinterest Image 

The great thing about dressing simple is that it’s super affordable and be can be found in every clothing store! Some of my favorite places to shop for these looks include Top Shop, Forever 21, Macy’s, J.C.Penny, Sears, Target, Walmart, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Rainbow, and Dots. In addition, these looks are best paired with cute sneakers or tennis (like converse), sandals, and all kinds of flats. In fact, celebrities and your favorite supermodels are wearing them. Lastly, remember, to keep this look simple, and add a couple of accessories. Now that you’re equipped with the quick simple styles, put them to the test! And please, don’t feel like you have to completely change your style or wardrobe. Just have fun and switch it up sometimes.