Gifts for Far Away Moms

Last night while working on my 3D design project my hand slipped and I slice open my figure. Not the prettiest of pictures I know, but when it started to bleed after having poured alcohol on it and wrapped it up using the stuff in my first aid kit; I called my mom. It was late at night and my mom was wondering what I was even doing up. We don’t want our moms to worry so I often lie and say I am getting the sleep I need. I told her it was just this once that I had stayed up working and asked her if there was a way to tell if someone might need stitches. I didn’t need stitches guys.   I did though remember that I had yet to get my mom anything for Mother’s Day. It’s easy to forget with our lives being so hectic and being away from home. I am fortunate and my mom lives only an hour away with traffic from where I attend school. Others are not so lucky and live far away from their mom and are unable to get to her for Mother’s Day.  So, I took it upon myself to find some of the best gifts to send to your mom.

One thing that you could send to her is letters. It’s hard to get your mom on the phone every day, or even call home every week sometimes. Filling in cute little letters from a letter book can give her insight to what her kid has been up to while away from home. You can buy something like this at Walmart for like 7 dollars. Your mom worked hard to raise you and was proud to see you off to college why not give her something in return? Something like a hoodie with your school’s name. Maybe even a sticker for her car so she can show you off to everyone even more than she already does.   

Order her some flowers to be delivered to her door.   

Or a tower of gifts with flowers and chocolate.  

Order her a wine basket so she can have a day to relax and drink her favorite wine.

Or even order something from Amazon which now does gift deliveries. They will wrap it for you and send it. You can even write a little note to your mom that they place inside the gift. 

Truth is, it doesn’t matter what you get your mom in materialistic form. Just remember to call her and thank her for everything she has done.