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Fashion Stylists to Follow

Following today’s trends is always fun when scrolling through your Instagram feed. Since our explore pages on Instagram are curated to fit what we follow and what we appear to like, it’s interesting to see new designers, famous or even low-key, along with their designs. However, here are some of the bigger names which are fun to keep track of and stalk sometimes for clothing inspiration.

1. Monica Rose

For the longest time, this celebrity stylist was known for the Kar-Jenner wardrobe. She was put on the map purely because of her connections to the Kardashians. However, after moving on from them, she dressed celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Sofia Richie, Shay Mitchell and Gigi Hadid. Her style is more modern, chic with a touch of edginess. She mixes femininity with athleisure and professionalism.

2. Mimi Cuttrell

With a follower count on Instagram of 216,000, Cuttrell is a celeb stylist who is famous for dressing the Hadid sisters, Priyanka Chopra, Kaia Gerber and Victoria’s Secret model, Sara Sampio. She combines street-style with again a modernized professional look. She is an advocate for cowboy boots, men’s sneakers, a vintage bag, simple cardigans and cocktail rings.

3. Ilaria Urbinati

With no specific theme per say, her Instagram is a series of who she’s designed for like Lili Reinhart, Nina Dobrev, Chris Evans and Rami Malek. Though her feed may be slightly all over the place, her style is referred to as “aggressive styling.” It is a combination of vibrant colors, patterns with a vintage touch.

4. Karla Welch

Known for dressing Olivia Wilde, Justin Bieber, Lorde and Karlie Kloss, Welch has the ability to not dress her clients in a way that’s “in” but make it more about her client’s personal style. She makes them feel comfortable in their own skin while appearing stylish. Her Instagram may be a mix of her personal life along with some of her favorite looks, she still manages to display her unique, colorful style.

5. Brad Goreski

Starting off as an intern at Vogue, he has now styled Lea Michele, Jenna Dewan, Demi Moore and Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland. His Instagram is a combination of his style at Red Carpets and other award shows, along with a playful set of selfies with his clients while a few of his favorite looks showcased.

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