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Emme Raus: Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus SCAD Atlanta

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For over a year now I have had the pleasure of being friends with our editor-in-chief here at Her Campus SCAD Atlanta. We first met when we joined a fiction class in which Emme would write sarcastic, often humorous stories that would delight our class. She has always been a determined person, constantly involved in internships and planning dates with her boyfriend. Not only do I think she has the motivation to become a great editor at a notable publication someday, but I also appreciate her as a friend. She has cared a lot for each member of her team. She is the kind of person which listens with sincerity when one talks to her.This Fall, Emme will be studying at SCAD Lacoste and will therefore be stepping down from her position as editor-in-chief. I asked her questions about what her experience as editor-in-chief has been like and what she hopes to accomplish in the future. She is a senior in the SCAD Atlanta writing department and one which, I know now, will go on to do some fantastic work and balance her career with a family someday.

Alexia Zarate: What has your experience working as editor-in-chief been like?

Emme Raus: Technically my title is co-campus correspondent but it’s been a great experience, especially because I plan to work at a magazine, newspaper or non-profit after graduation. I’ve gotten to flex my creative muscles while also practicing marketing, leadership, teamwork and – my strong suit – editorial. Running the Atlanta branch of Her Campus SCAD has been a lot of fun and hard work, but I hope SCAD students have enjoyed the diversity of content.

AZ: How has it prepared you for your future career?

ER: This position has prepared me for leading a team if nothing else. I’ve had to learn how to be accommodating with everyone’s schedules and get to know everyone on a professional level. I’ve done my best to reach out to staff members who are struggling and lend them a helping hand. I’ve also had to think a lot more about marketing than I ever had before. Planning and organizing events – both online and in-person – has been both a challenge and a useful skill to bring to a future career.

AZ: What will you miss most stepping down from your position?

ER: I will miss being able to contribute to such an amazing publication on a weekly basis. The great thing about Her Campus Media is that it can be a successful hub for both serious and light content and I think that’s what it takes to attract a diverse college audience. It’s been great practice writing across a wide array of subjects – design, DIY, art and entertainment, pop culture, style, current events etc. – and I will miss being a part of that content circulation.

AZ: What, personally, are you looking forward most to covering as a writer?

ER: I want to be a literary journalist (a journalist who writes about nonfictional events using fiction techniques) and use a variety of multimedia to tell the whole story. My goal when I sit down to write is to spread hope and spark conversation. I really just want to try my hand at every style of journalistic writing out there. I’m interested covering all of the following subjects: social justice issues, art and entertainment, pop culture, opinion editorials, features, profiles, design/DIY, health, education, travel, food and technology. The only areas I can’t see myself writing about right now are business and parenting, but I feel that those subjects will become more appealing to me as I get older.

To check out Emme’s work, view her online writing portfolio

An artist that chooses to express myself through writing and intense yoga poses. Right now I'm a junior at SCAD Atlanta and, as a result, a writer for HC SCAD. I am admittedly nervous to begin the new year because I'm going to delve into the waves of new students and try to find interesting people to interview. Here's hoping there's some crazy, fresh faces. I love looking at the stars and finding constellations in my free time and reading up on unsolved murder cases when I need a light read. I'm a little eccentric at times (and mostly brooding during the other hours) but I like to believe all the best people are.
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