Don't Worry Be Happy

The SCAD Atlanta Her Campus hosted “Don’t Worry Be Happy” study party on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. The space was filled with smiling faces and happy vibes. The purpose of this event was to create a study area for students to prepare for finals. We also had a break area for students to relax and play games. We had a food table with donuts, granola bars, coffee and water. To start the night off we played an icebreaker game were students got in pairs and name tags were attached to their backs upon entering the party. The objective was that the couple had to help each other figure out the name on their back. For example, we attached the names H.E.R. and Selina Gomez to two students’ backs. One person had to give her partner clues to help her figure out the person. The first two groups that got it right, was awarded with door prizes from our Her Campus tote bag.

Throughout the night our team members engaged with students and talked about the benefits of joining our club. Lots of pictures were taken and people tagged us on Instagram. We had over thirty-seven students attend. Students fellow shipped, dance to the music and enjoyed the moment. I had an awesome time planning this event. This could not be possible without a great team. I am looking forward to our campus events. Remember to not worry, but be happy and relax for upcoming finals!