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Cruisin’ and Groovin’: Your Ultimate Spring Break Playlist

Spring break is finally here, Queens! Now it’s time to kick back and relax for a week of no homework, projects, essays, and whatever that stresses you out during the quarter. Whether you’re road tripping, spending the whole week chilling at home, or hanging out with friends, your week will be exactly what you want it to be when there’s music involved. We’ve complied together your ultimate spring break playlist from songs buzzing the charts to songs that make miss the old days. 

Here’s the songs you should add to your spring break playlist:   

1. No Excuses – Meghan Trainor​ 

For that f**kboy who keeps trying to slide in your DMs and thinks he’s getting ass from you during the break:

2. Make Me Feel – Janelle Monáe

For the person who makes you all googly inside:

3. Finesse (Remix) – Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B.

For the ride to the party you and your friends will go to:

4. Walk It Talk It – Migos featuring Drake

For when you walk into that party and all eyes are on you:

5. God’s Plan – Drake

For remembering God’s a got a plan for you although you’re not ready to start another quarter:

6. Can’t Stop Dancin’ – Becky G

For feeling free and letting go:

7. Run the World (Girls) – Beyoncé

For setting some people in your hometown straight about feminism:

8. Wonder Woman – JoJo

For the moments where you feel sexy:

9. Sittin’ Up in My Room – Brandy

For the days you will chill at home:

10. Tearing Up My Heart – *NSYNC

For your throwback boy band fix:

11. Most Girls – Pink

For the new guy or girl that catches your eye:

12. Misery Business – Paramore

For the feel good moments:

13. S Club Party – S Club 7

For Throwback Thursday: 

14. Motel Pool – Travis Garland

For the days by the pool:

15. Unbreakable Smile – Tori Kelly

For the times you show your pretty smile:

Dominique is a 2018 graduate of SCAD Atlanta, where she received her MFA in Writing, and a chapter advisor for Her Campus. She hails from Greensboro, NC and is a proud HBCU grad from the illustrious Winston-Salem State University. When Dominique is not writing, she teaches it. She is all about writers being their authentic selves, even if it makes other people uncomfortable.
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