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The City of Chicago Sues Jussie Smollette

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCAD ATL chapter.

1. The City of Chicago Files a Lawsuit after Attack 

The City of Chicago has filed a lawsuit against Empire actor Jussie Smollett, seeking three times the damages it said it ran up while investigating the actor. It has been in the widespread news that the City of Chicago believes that Smollett staged a homophobic and racist attack to boost his career. Smollett claimed that a rope was put around his neck and an unknown substance splashed on his face by two men using pro-Donald Trump slogans. Smollett has always and continues to maintain his innocence. 

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2. Charges Brought 

Charges were brought against Smollett when the City of Chicago thought that the entire attack was staged by Smollett. Charges against Smollett seemed to be mysteriously dropped after Smollett forfeited a $10,000 bond payment and did community service, but there was no ruling as to whether or not Smollett made up the attack or if the accounts of the attack were genuine. After charges were dropped against Smollett, current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, claimed that Smollett had been given special treatment because of his celebrity status.  


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3. The City of Chicago Sues Despite Charges Being Dropped 

Even though charges against Smollett were dropped, the City of Chicago chose to sue Smollett for the costs of the investigation, which can be confusing because if the charges stating Smollett made the attack up were dropped, why would he have to pay for the investigation? Smollett was given seven days by the City of Chicago to pay $130,000 (£99,000) to cover the investigation’s cost – but threatened to sue when the deadline passed. The new Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot, who will be sworn in the May 20, 2019, says that there needs to be a “much more fulsome explanation” as to why the charges against Smollett were dropped. She says that “We cannot create the perception that if you’re rich or famous or both that you get one set of justice, and for everybody else it’s something much harsher.” 


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Just about every one of us has heard about the attack on Smollett from the news. We were made aware that Smollett had been fired from the show ‘Empire’ after the news started reporting that the attack was staged by Smollett himself. It was reported that Smollett was fired from the show, but Taraji P. Henson, Smollett’s co-star says that Smollett will not be fired. Whether or not Smollett keeps his role on the show remains to be seen. The case itself still seems to be shrouded with confusion. If the charges against Smollett are dropped, why is the City of Chicago suing for the costs of the investigation? Do the charges being dropped mean that the City of Chicago believes there was an attack or do they still believe that Smollett engineered the whole ordeal? If they believe the attack was faked, why were the charges dropped? Why does the upcoming mayor believe there needs to be answers as to why the charges were dropped? What does the City of Chicago believe in regards to Smolett? While this case goes on, the truth will become more apparent to the City of Chicago and to the public. 

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