Black Girls Who Rock at SCAD Atlanta: Meet Zakira Goode

For our Black Girls Who Rock at SCAD Atlanta series, I was told to find someone that I find inspiring and inspires others. No one else but Zakira Goode came to mind. I connected with her through a mutral friend, and I could not be more thankful. Zakira is a brilliant, talented, and sensational person who inspires me to keep following my dreams. We share stories of the world pushing back against us since we were children, and we fought back. Zakira is always trying her hardest and she values the things she has earned. I could not be more thankful for her and her postive influence in my life. 

When did you first become interested in Animation?

I was always intrested in art in general. Growing up I always wondered what went on behind the scenes of shows and movies. It interested me more while watching shows like Spongebob, Fairy Odd Parents, The Incredibles and almost any Disney animated movie. I use to google behind the scene's video's on my faovite animated series and movies and think: these people are awsome. 

What are some current projects you are working on?

Right now, I'm currentky working on a production film for 3D, and I am working on my Website. 

What inspires you creatively?

There are quite a few things that inspire me creatively. Growing up I was bullied and teased, this inspired me too draw because I could realize a lot of emotions. Now I would say life inspires me, it has so much to offer, and people don't realizes the beauty life can bring. Music of different cultures, the background colors in things, people in general. Walking down the stree with my earphones in listening to mysic and looking at what's around me gives me inspiration.

What do you like most about Animation?

The best thing about Animation is that there is no right or wrong way when it comes to what I can create. I create a whole world and no one can tell me that it's wrong or stupid. There is no limit on creativity. I can create whatever I want with animation, it's like writing a story.

What motivates you the most to keep going not just with your education but your creative career?

What keeps me motivated is that I know one day I will be sucessful. I know that good things are going to come with the bad, the allnighters, and anything else. My family motivates me. I look up to my Nana who worked her whole life. I want to keep going for her. I do it for my family who didn't have a chance, like my cousin Tyrez Washington. 

What's some advice you wish someone would have given you?

I wish someone would have told me to not look at faliure as a way to never be sucessful but a lesson to become sucessful. In life to be sucessful you need to find yourself and what you want to do in life. Sucess never comes without faliure. I think If I would have had that advice a little earlier on than I wouldn't have been so afraid. Now that I know this, I'm not afraid. I'm going to keep pushing in my life, my career, and my education to suceed in everything. This is advice I want to give to my family, my best friends, and my future children. 

Thank you, Zakira! You are definitely a Black Girl Who Rocks!