Are Acne Dots the New Way to Treat Acne?

What’s an Acne Dot?

These dots/patches are a type of hydrocolloid sheet that sticks to the skin. They work by absorbing excess fluid for a “vacuum-like effect” that pulls dirt and oil away from the blemish. The patch will convert those impurities into a gel-like substance that sticks to the patch and is sealed away from the face. (Debra Jaliman, MD,

What kind should I get?

Dr. Jaliman recommends a brand that has salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that seep into the skin and treat the breakout.

1. Peace Out Acne Healing Dots

These dots are the first ones I tried. I purchased the box at Sephora for $19 for 20 patches. The patches are a pale skin color, and you can see them when they’re on your face. 

2. C&C by Clean & Clear Over Zit Spot Patches

Sold at the drugstore and Ulta, these patches have fun camo inspired print. The pack also comes with sheer patches as well. You can purchase these for $16 for 30 patches.

3. COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

These patches are a cult-favorite Korean brand. The pack includes three different sizes, to accommodate for different size blemishes. You can purchase this pack for $6 on Amazon for 24 patches.

4. Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Invisible Dot

These are my personal favorite. These patches are legit invisible when on your face. These are perfect to wear during the day or underneath your makeup. I purchased mine from Sephora for $30 for 72 patches. You can also find them on Amazon for a little bit cheaper. Also, they’re cruelty free.

5. Dr. Jart+ Pore Master Patch

These patches are large enough to cover a large portion of your face. They can be used on your forehead, nose, or chin. These patches, unlike the others, contain tea tree oil, sage extract, witch hazel, and coral powder. You can purchase them from Sephora for $7.50.

Why should I try it?

It can’t hurt to try something new. Plus, the benefit of buying these patches from stores like Ulta or Sephora, is that you can return them if you don’t like them. I say give it a shot, because they take no effort what so ever. I can be a bit lazy, and if I don’t put on my topicals after washing me face, I’ll just put my dots on.