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All The Shit I Have Done Before

As Kylie Jenner says, “This is the year of realizing things”. So the year is coming to close. 2019 this was the year for me of realizing a whole a lot of shit. I realized as I grow and conquer it all. I learned a lot of lessons in my life that turn into a blessing. I realized I know I still know nothing I am going to keep learning until the day I die, but I realize the older and the more and more you experience I get. You just have turned those good, bad and ugly moments into funny ones. So here are the things I wished I had known when I was younger. 

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1. Take risk no matter how stupid/dumb you look-

   What is the worst that can happen you get a bunch of judgemental looks or someone says no but guess what you survive so don’t be a wimp? Seriously.

2. Be Grateful- 

    Don’t take every day for granted. Count your blessing. 

3. Life Does Not Care What You Are Ready- 

    So do it. It does not matter how much you plan or plot your life or career. Just shoot your shot!

4. The Grass Isn’t Always Greener On The Other Side-

    If it is too good to be true, it is. We always want something we can’t have so be happy right now!

5. Money Covers Anything But It Is Not Everything- 

    I realized the older I get yeah things to have but would rather experience rather than have expensive things.

6. Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable-

From first dates to flirting to asking for a raise. It is all uncomfortable but hey a closed mouth doesn’t get feed right!

7. You Never What People Are Going Through-

Just because someone does not make the same logical choice than does not make them any less smart. It just makes them different 

8. It is okay to FOMO- 

When I used to be high school. I used to be afraid to miss certain events even though wanted to go because I just did not want to left out in the mix. Now I am okay and I missing out on events especially if you have to go work the next morning like me. 

9. Don’t Compare Yourself-

You are “you” for a reason and nobody can take that away

10. Women Are Too Fucking Hard On Yourself-

I don’t know what it is me included but women of the world we need to do better and be good to ourselves. I swear me and my girlfriends we talk about cellulite and take about how we are fat for over an hour and it needs to stop. We are our own worst critique and it is crazy. I say no more we need to stop and be our advocates for ourselves 


This is a total disclaimer. I am not a life coach by any means nor I am telling you to have to do this by any means necessary. It is totally up to you and what journey you are in this lifetime. I am still trying to figure myself out and work on what preaches to other people my damn self.






Najah Layne


Hello I'm Najah Layne! I am college sophomore going through the journey of life, figuring things out one step at a time and showcasing my passions & loves which is being an enthusiast on pop culture, the latest fashion trends, styling tips, and most importantly empowering young women and being my crazy, weird self while doing it. We are going to be talking about all things real and there no holding back!
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