Adidas is Running to Sustainability

Sportwear company Adidas has made an impressive move towards a sustainable future. The company has made a commitment to use only recycled plastics by 2024. It is not the first company to take such a step, but it is one of the largest to do so. The company has been steadily working towards this goal, for several years. In 2016 Adidas released the Adidas x parley, featuring and upper sole made from recycled ocean plastic. This year the company will release the future craft loop made 100 percent from recycled materials. By eliminating glue in the production and using thermoplastic polyurethane, these shoes can be completely recycled to make future shoes.



Yes, so the shoe is essentially solid plastic, as explained. So, developing this shoe was definitely a long of a process to execute. The company claims it tested the Loop with people who ran up to 400 kilometers (about 250 miles). The shoe reportedly held up, and did not compromise Adidas usual quality and performance of their running shoes. And to think, they created it right here in Atlanta.   Different parts of Futurecraft Loop were made in China. However, but the sneakers were  assembled at Adidas' robot-staffed Speedfactory in Atlanta.


Advances in technology including 3d printing is gives producers the ability to be environmentally conscious without sacrificing on quality. Still this shoe is the result of decades of research. Unfortunately, the general public won’t be able to take these for a spin for a few years. The first run will be limited to 200 pairs gifted to select runners. The rest of us will have to wait until 2021. I’ll be getting a pair and look forward to others following the trend.