4 Fall Trends That You Can Rock For Decades To Come

From pumpkin spice to everything nice to drinking warm apple cider by fire to wearing sweaters. Oh yeah, you know what that means! Fall is definitely upon us and it is bringing us wonderful fashions that you want to sink your teeth into from years to come and guess what you don't have to break the bank. 

1. Up-Down Leather: I don't know about you but leather will always be my go-to when comes to the fall and winter season. A leather jacket will always be a classic that will add a feminine touch and edgy touch at the same time. Now you can coordinate it by adding leather dresses, shirts, and pants so it can look like a badass Matrix. 

                                                                              Image Credit: SassyDaily/ Pretty Little Thing $70

2. Organza- Why have all the party in the back when it comes to your ensemble? Try having all the party in the front for a change. Try this trend organza or a puffy sleeve. Adding volume makes your look a statement plus you can live your 80's fantasies with these trends.

                                                                            Image Credit: Boohoo $12.80

3. Cardigan-  If you don't have a boo thang to snuggle with for cuffing season then you snuggle with your sweater. A cozy sweater is the best thing to throw over your look for a little extra warmth and texture. Instead of rocking cardigan as a jacket and top. 


                                                                             Image Credit: Aris/ Misguided $42

4. Metallics- You don't have to save the sequins the rhinestones, and the embellishments on your night on the town. Now you can wear as day wear. Why not make a bold statement at your workplace and show them not just business. You are the life of the party too!                                                                             Image Credit: PrettyLittleThing/ Blazer $70/ Pant $55