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10 Things SCAD Students Do to Avoid Homework

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Especially with Winter Quarter finals looming around the corner, I’d like to say that I have a phenomenal work ethic and that once I sit down to work, I trudge through it until I’m done. But that’s just not the truth. Sometimes the project ahead is so daunting (or even worse, boring) that I procrastinate as much as possible before actually getting started. Here are some of the ways I find myself, and others, avoiding the dreaded art history essays and graphic design note-taking assignments that ultimately will help us earn our degrees, but feel so inconsequential in the moment. 

1. Pressing “next episode” on Netflix — because who can watch just one episode of “Making a Murderer”?

2. Checking the fridge every two seconds to see what else we can eat.

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3. Browsing all our social media. I mean, it’s kind of imperative to know who’s been liking our Instagram pages.

4. Listening to music and pretending we’re famous and our bedrooms are our stage.

5. Literally staring into empty space.

6. Wondering how little we can possibly do for our assignments and still get away with it.

7. Taking a nap (and by “nap” I mean two hours).

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8. Waiting until it’s “the right time” or we’re in “the right mood” to actually do it.

9. Looking up whether our favorite celebrities are single and if they are, what kind of girls do they like?

10. Reading articles/watching YouTube videos with top 10 lists … like this article.

Do you admit to slacking off in any of these ways? What kinds of things do you find yourself doing to avoid getting to work? Leave a comment down below. 

An artist that chooses to express myself through writing and intense yoga poses. Right now I'm a junior at SCAD Atlanta and, as a result, a writer for HC SCAD. I am admittedly nervous to begin the new year because I'm going to delve into the waves of new students and try to find interesting people to interview. Here's hoping there's some crazy, fresh faces. I love looking at the stars and finding constellations in my free time and reading up on unsolved murder cases when I need a light read. I'm a little eccentric at times (and mostly brooding during the other hours) but I like to believe all the best people are.
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