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10 Spring 2019 Trends That Are Closet Staples

From sweater weather to Ugg boots to big coats that shallow us in half, we are counting down the days, ladies, that there will no more. Spring is just approaching under our noses from spring break being a week away! The season is upon us which means new beginnings, right? I am going to show you ladies some new upcoming spring trends that we cooperate on the runaway to the hallway. So, get spring cleaning and shop for these hot spring/summer 2019 fashion trends.

1. Animal Print – Be cheetahlicous and embrace your inner Cheetah Girl with this spring trend. Animal print has been a trend that has become a classic statement and it adds a bold statement to a simple outfit from a leopard print shoe to a snake-skin bag. This season makes a fierce statement to your outfits with a touch of animal print.

Image Credit: Topshop $110

2. Boiler Suit – From the boardroom to the night on the town. The boiler suit is a spring trend that is here to stay. I mean c’mon! It is a chic, comfortable and polished off-duty ensemble that you can pair it with many occasions.

3. Cycling Shorts – From Kim Kardashian to Bella Hadid this athleisure fit trend has been all over the runway this spring from the brands Balenciaga, Off-white, and Yeezy. This trend is good to pair with an oversized blazer for evening wear or even an over sided hoodie or graphic tee for daywear.

Image Credit: PrettyLittleThing $15

4. Hot Pink – We have seen this color all over the red carpet from the Oscars to Grammy now we are seeing it more on the spring 2019 runaway. This color is a bold statement that showcases a pop of color to a simple ensemble or just an ensemble within itself.

Image Credit: ASOS $45

5. Yellow –  Instead of painting the town red, paint the town YELLOW. We have seen the hue of yellow over the runway scenes in spring 2019 collections from designers like Kate Spade and Brandon Maxwell. So, walk on the sunshine with this pop of color and add them to your outfit pieces.

Image Credit: Nordstrom $75

6. Utility –  Embrace your inner badass with this early 2000 trend that has occurred in pop culture from Destiny Child with the music video Survivor.  We have seen the army trend from camouflage, to army jackets, and Doc Marten shoes. This trend adds a sense of edginess and a touch of a feminine side at the same time. WE ARE HERE FOR IT!


7. Color-blocking –  This spring definitely is all about color-blocking and mixing different colors together to get a different result. Color-blocking is about making your outfits more abstract and it is definitely a trend that can be playful with when you are getting bored with your usual outfit choices. I mean ladies we have definitely experience them one time or two.

Image Credit: PrettyLittleThing $40

8. The 80’s Look – Ladies bring out your most suffocating leotards and your boldest blue eyeshadow because the ’80s are coming back in full force in fashion this spring of the 2019 season. The ’80s was more than just a decade it was a revolution in fashion pop culture. Designers showcase this trend on their spring collections like Versace, Chanel, and Alexander Wang.

             Image Credit: ASOS $23                                                                                                                                                                        

9. Headscarves – Ladies you know those days where you had a bad hair day and your hair isn’t looking the best well this is why headscarves are our best friends for those days that like lazy days, running late days, even on the day you go the gym. So, thank god this is an upcoming spring 2019 trend because it helps us lazy girls, okay!

Image Credit: PrettyLittleThing $33

10. Matching coordinate – You want to feel got your shit together without actually trying then wearing matching sets and a tailored pantsuit is actually for you. Matching coordinate is always giving you a posh and put together look no what the occasion it is.

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