Why "Sex and the City" is so Relatable!

I’m not sure how many people have seen the show and/or movies, but if you haven’t, you should! “Sex in the City” takes place in the grand, extravagant and luxurious New York City. It’s about four friends with completely different personalities who share their love for fashion, alcohol, sex and their want for love while maintaining four different career paths and their sanity… Well, at least trying to.

Charlotte is a financially stable and reserved art gallery curator from a wealthy and prestigious family. Throughout the seasons you see her date multiple men and see how she craves a monogamous relationship; she craves to get married and have a family. I think people everywhere can relate to Charlotte because everyone wants someone to call their own that helps ease their life. However, there’s different rules and protocols with every relationship.

Then, you have the complete opposite of Charlotte, Samantha. She is also financially stable and built her own PR firm from the ground up. Unlike Charlotte, Sam is sexually open to anything and loves one-night stands with hot men. She loves to dominate men in her bedroom and life, believing men should satisfy women and that women shouldn’t give up everything because a man said so. I could relate to Samantha’s logic because you should never give up something you love that’s positive due to someone’s inability to come to terms with the fact that you’re doing better than them, or it makes them “uncomfortable.”

There’s also Miranda, the successful hard-ass lawyer that has a hard time letting people in and pulls the tough-love card. I can relate to Miranda on why she’s so guarded because it’s hard to let people in when you’ve been hurt so many times. Then when you finally let someone in and you think it’s going well and suddenly, they disappoint you, leaving you sitting there questioning everything. All of that time, energy and love is wasted on letting someone get to know you and getting attached to someone, and building them into your schedule, only to get left behind like a candy wrapper in the wind.

Lastly, there’s the one and only Carrie Bradshaw. The fashion icon, shoe-a-holic sex columnist that refuses to cook, and rents an apartment in Manhattan with a walk-in closet. Carrie is so relatable because you’ll watch her grow in her career, fashion choices and struggle a bit throughout the seasons and movies as her life shifts back and forth, from being single to in a relationship. Carrie is hung up on a man that she can’t give up on because she loves him, even though he puts her through hell. We can all relate to being in a relationship/situation with a person that plays with our emotions and makes us jump through hoops being with them. However, we’ll do it in a heartbeat because we love them, and we have moments with them that will make us do it all over again.

All of the characters make mistakes and you’ll see a different side to each character that you’ve never seen before. Their friendships get tested due to different opinions, and remain best friends closer than ever, and you’ll be laughing your ass off in the process. The show and movies will make you be more open when it comes to lifestyles, alter your mindset on how you look at other people, while becoming a more confident and fashionable person in the process. If you want to find out which character you’re like the most, there’s quizzes you can take to find out. While I can relate to all of them, I consider myself to be more of a Carrie Bradshaw.