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What to Wear to College Parties

Not everyone goes out to parties during the weekend in college, but to those who do, I understand that picking out an outfit for the night can sometimes be a bit tricky. Will this outfit make me hot or cold? Heels or no heels? Dress up or dress down? There is an entire list of questions that I personally have gone through during the decision-making process of picking out an outfit. Not everyone has the same style, taste and preferences as I do, but this is just my personal take on what to wear to college parties, and what I have seen other people wear.

I suppose the first topic should be shoes. Shoes are a make or break deal for me. What you should consider when making your decision on shoes is comfort, walking distance, and versatility. This year I have gone to a party wearing platform heels and by the end of the night, my feet kill. I was so confused, though, because last year, I wore the heels and I was fine. However, I realized it was the walking distance that made the difference. Last year when I wore the heels, I didn’t have to walk as far to the party and I had a ride back home at the end of the night. This year when I wore the heels, I had to walk a further distance to and from the party. Overall, I don’t think heels are the best option. But, I do have a pair of black heeled booties that have done me well, so far.

Another thing to keep in mind when picking shoes, besides comfort and walking distance, is versatility. College parties are messy, so make sure you’re wearing shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. My personal favorites are Vans, Converse and Adidas, which you can get for cheap on sites like Poshmark. I would also recommend having a pair of shoes on hand that you don’t wear to class. You should have a separate pair of shoes specifically for parties and going out. You do not want your cute shoes that you wear to class to be drenched in Four Loko.

Since the basis of an outfit is the shoes, let’s move up to the clothing. You should tailor your college party attire based on the weather. I go to school in New York, so obviously the weather is colder here than it is in Florida or Texas. With that said, I usually wear high waisted or boyfriend jeans from Old Navy and Aeropostale for my bottoms. They’re comfortable and fairly cheap when on sale. I have several pairs of jeans in different washes to rely on. For a gal in upstate New York, cute jeans are a girl’s best friend. If you live in warmer weather, though, denim shorts work just as well.

Crop tops and band tees pair well with high rise jeans. Forever 21 is probably the best place to shop for cute tops that can pair well with jeans. Most of the tops at Forever 21 work well for college parties. Tie-in-the-front shirts from Pacsun and Brandy Melville are super trendy right now! Body suits are popular right now as well. I believe a staple item for a girl’s closet in college is a black body suit. You can get cheap ones from Danskin, or if you want to get one a bit more nice with prints on them, I suggest Urban Outfitters.

I personally wear nicer and dressier clothes during Saturday nights, because Friday nights at St. Bonaventure seem to be a bit more casual. So, if you want to dress up a bit more for a college party I suggest buying some cute printed dresses or skirts. I usually purchase my dresses from independent brands and boutiques like Angie and Jealous Tomato. I really suggest checking them out! Almost all of my skirts are from Forever 21… I swear this isn’t sponsored! Forever 21 just has trendy and cheap clothing.

Another item I would recommend purchasing is a flannel. If you pair a flannel with a tank top and bottoms, the look is cute, but also super versatile. When you’re walking to a party you may want the flannel to keep you warm, but when you get to the party and it’s super hot, you can just tie the flannel around your waist.


Again, this is just my personal preferences and style for when it comes to college parties, but I hope this can help you in some way during the decision-making process for the weekend.

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