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What’s Better Than a Dad Bod? Dad Sneakers.

Now we’ve all heard the hype about the “dad bod.” Girls these days are just really preferring the Vince Vaughn look over Zac Efron in “Neighbors,” but I mean, can we blame them? So, with all the “dad bod” hype aside, can we focus on the “dad trend” that really matters? And yes, I’m talking about dad sneakers. I for one am 100% on board with this clunky and quirky trend. Everyone from the Kardashian’s to the girls on my campus are rocking some sexy daddy kicks.

All jokes aside, this trend is super comfortable, and it can be pretty affordable which is always the move when you’re a broke college gal. Lucky for you, I’ve found a few different stores and brands that sell some sneaks that are so killer you will just HAVE to hide them from your dads.


The OG dad shoe: The Fila Disruptor: $65

These are my favorite affordable dad shoes at the moment. I think they look so cute with any outfit. You can dress them up or down and are super comfortable when you’re on the go!


  1. Dad shoes a la Bershka: $59

If you haven’t heard of Bershka you are in for a treat. Not only do they offer these affordable and trendy kicks, but all of their items are amazing. Think Zara, but with forever 21 prices. Yeah. You’re welcome.


  1. Forever 21 (see my transition there?): $30 Cheap, yet cute af dad sneakers.

Ugh, we love a Forever 21 moment. Especially when it’s all we can afford! These mesh lined sneakers are perfect for the spring and summer. They are versatile and breathable so, no need to spend money on a pedicure for sandals, when you can wear these all season long.


  1. Balenciaga knock-offs from H&M: $40

Slightly similar to Balenciaga’s dad shoe, H&M offers the same style for about uhhh… $895 less.


It’s okay to follow trends you believe in without having to spend boatloads of money on designer or high-end brands. Shop smart, shop for you and express yourself through what you choose to present yourself in. If dad shoes make you happy (as much as they make me happy), then jump on the dad shoe train and follow me into this fun fashionable adventure.

As always,

Love yourself

Love your style

Love your dad shoes.



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