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While ‘BookTok’ may be known to some for its controversial opinions, it can also recommend some amazing books. Many of these books I have read, and will be sharing which are worth your time.  

A Thousand Boy Kisses

If you are someone who reads for the sole purpose of getting their heart shattered: this book is for you. We take turns reading the story through the eyes of Poppy, and Rune. The story starts when they are five years old and accompanies them until their teenage years. Poppy and Rune face many obstacles along the way and their biggest obstacle will end in heartbreak. This is a romance focused novel and I rated it five stars. 

A Court of thorns and roses

If you love a good fantasy book, then I highly recommend A Court of Thorns and Roses. The book follows a huntress named Feyre, who has become kidnapped and is brought to the land of faeries. This book has many exciting points along with plenty of action. I rated this book four stars. 

the seven husbands of evelyn hugo

Do not be thrown by the title, because this book is not at all about Evelyn’s husbands. This book is focused solely on Evelyn. She is an old Hollywood actress determined to make it big by doing whatever it takes to reach fame. This is a very touching read and I rated it four stars.  

i’m glad my mom died

This book, written by Jennette McCurdy, tells the true story of Jennette and how she was controlled for years by her mother. We learn that Jennette never wanted to go into acting; we also learn about the toxic environment on set of iCarly along with Sam and Cat. This is an emotional yet beautifully written book. I rated it five stars.  

it ends with us

In this book, we follow the life of Lily Bloom, as she opens her own flower shop and falls head over heels for a man named Ryle. However, Lily quickly learns her relationship with Ryle is not all it’s cracked up to be. It Ends with Us does have violent scenes so you may want to check for trigger warnings. Nonetheless, it tells a heart wrenching love story between three people. I rated this book five stars. 

a good girls guide to murder

In this book we follow High School senior, Pippa. As one of her assignments, she decides to reopen and solve a murder. She spends the book tracking down leads and creating suspect lists. This is a fast-paced book along with a few plot twists at the end. I rated this book three and a half stars. 

Isabel Marzullo is a member of Her Campus SBU chapter. Isabel writes pieces surrounding books, mental health, and food. Isabel is a sophomore journalism student and the Opinion Assignment Editor at the Bona Venture. During Isabel's free time, she enjoys photography, reading, and hiking. Isabel picked up photography while in High School and quickly turned it into a hobby. She can be seen reading anything from romance to thriller. Lastly, Isabel enjoys walking on the Allegheny trail with friends along with long walks when she is at home.