Top 10 Bona Eats

Parent’s Weekend is coming up and if you have no idea where to take your family to eat, here are some options!

  1. Four Mile Brewing Company: Four Mile is one of the top restaurants in Olean. Not only do they have incredible beers, but they have great food. Anything from flatbreads, salads, burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, and great vegan and vegetarian options. It gets better; they have great outdoor seating with yard games.
  2. Grand Slam: This restaurant is right down the road from Bonaventure with great food, a great atmosphere, and big portions. Grand Slam is not cheap, but it is not overly expensive for the quality and the size. Some people would consider their food to be nicer bar food, with a great bar. So, if your trying to have a beer with your parents this is a great place to go.
  3. Rafi’s Platter: Rafi’s is Indian-based cuisine with a great Indian atmosphere, as well as seating inside or outside. Outside they also have fireplaces and are extremely welcoming with incredible service and comradery.
  4. The Burton: You may want to take your parents to a bar you frequent on the weekends. The Burton is widely known for their incredible Burton burgers and cheap drinks. This is one thing you can’t skip out on before graduating, so you may as well kill two birds with one stone and check it off your bucket list.
  5. Randy’s Up the River: Not only is this a great restaurant/bar, but the atmosphere is what you typically expect of a restaurant in Allegany. They have great burgers, great wings, and great beer. Randy’s also has a Fish Fry Friday special.
  6. Beef-n-Barrel: If you are unsure of what your parents will want to get and are hoping for a slightly classier vibe, take them to Beef-n-Barrel. This is a chain restaurant, but they have a great variety of food. They vary from steak, pasta, soups, salads, and more. If you go, I highly recommend their French onion soup with the cheese.
  7. El Sombrero: Mexican food is not incredible in Olean, but this is a great restaurant to go to if you’re feeling this type of food. El sombrero is not only good and cheap, but they are also very quick. You’ll be surprised at how fast your food comes out and if your parents want to have a margarita there, those are also great.
  8. On the Side Sub: This is a smaller location with less seating areas and more of a grab and go environment, but their subs are very good. Portions are very large, so a half sub is typically as big as a 6’ at Subway. I highly recommend their meatball sub.
  9. Tasty Time: Newly renovated and closer to campus than ever. Tasty time has stepped up their menu with great Asian food additions such as poke bowls, sushi burritos, bubble tea, and more. You can also get dessert right there and eat their fantastic frozen yogurt.
  10. Sprague’s Maple Farms: Thinking of taking your parents to a breakfast place. Take them to Sprague’s in Portville. Not too far from campus and with a huge restaurant on a maple farm. The restraint is not cheap, but definitely a good family-oriented restaurant atmosphere.