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               For as long as I can remember, watching Hallmark Christmas movies with my mom has been one of my favorite Christmas traditions. When I tell people this, I typically receive one of two responses.

  1. OMG I love those movies too!
  2. I hate those movies.

               To those who side with the latter, I will say in my defense, that I do not consider Hallmark movies to be cinematic masterpieces by any means. I also acknowledge that they are incredibly predictable and follow four different plot lines.

               Despite all this, I know that when I get home after a crazy couple of weeks of class and internship work, there is nothing I will want to do more than sit down with my mom and a cup of sugar cookie sleigh ride tea to watch the latest hallmark movie.

               To me, there is just something so unbelievably relaxing about watching two people fall in love surrounded by Christmas. There is no stressing about whether or not it will work out because you know it will and every once in a while that is what I want in a movie. To watch it happily knowing that everything will work out. Adding an abundance of over-the-top Christmas décor makes it all the better.

               Most hallmark movies do not even come close to mirroring the reality of the holidays. While my overly festive self would love nothing more than for a guy to profess his love for me on Christmas eve after saving my town’s Christmas festival or learning I landed my dream job, I don’t think this reflects the majority of our holiday experiences.

               I am the kind of person that goes absolutely all in on Christmas, but I still acknowledge that there are many imperfections to the season. Hosting a series of family events that always manage to bring out just a little bit of family drama, getting the perfect gift for everyone on your list, even finding parking at the mall is enough to produce angry tears from me. There is an expectation of perfection that can never quite be reached and while this is perfectly reasonable, it can be disappointing.

               In Hallmark Christmas movies, this just isn’t the case. They demonstrate a perfection of the season to the extent that it’s so unrealistic you wouldn’t feel bad about not meeting the same standards but so that you can find it very enjoyable to watch.

               My personal favorites are any movie that involves some sort of royal. The Hallmark channel loves having a commoner run into a prince or princess without being aware of their rank in a vaguely European country. They fall in love at Christmas and win over the hearts of the evil queen who originally didn’t approve of their heir dating a commoner but comes to learn what an asset they are to the royal family. Do I believe this would happen in real life? No. Do I love to watch it anyways? Absolutely.

               The holiday season can be insane and taking a minute (or two hours) to turn your brain off can be a beautiful and I would argue crucial step in making it through to December 26th.

Ciao! My name is Elizabeth and I am a sophomore journalism major at St. Bonaventure. I love to write and I am so excited to have my work included on this fantastic platform for college women!
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