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As we approach the final weeks of school, I find myself turning to music that feels quiet to me. I seek the comfort of the female perspective. Everything else in my life suddenly feels stressful and never-ending. And so, I seek the ease of listening that comes with my 4-hour indie folk and indie pop playlist. It is a collection of female artists that feel safe and calm to me. It is how I turn off the stress and simply work through it. Though I could include a detailed explanation of why I love each of these songs, I’d never have the space. Instead, here are a couple of my top picks from this playlist, including my favorite quote from each.

Lizzy McAlpline features:

Older – Older

“And I have been good to you, instead of making it worse.”

In What World – When The World Stopped Moving

“And I know some things now, but it’s clear I don’t have a clue.”

Nothing / Sad N Stuff – Give Me A Minute

“I don’t wanna leave, so tell me why I’m going. I don’t wanna leave, but I’m gone.”

Phoebe Bridgers features:

Cool About It – the record

“Wishin’ you were kind enough to be cruel about it.”

Moon Song – Punisher

“You started crying, but you know the killer doesn’t understand.”

Waiting Room – Lost Ark Studio Compilation, Vol. 8

“Know it’s for the better.”

Leith Ross features:

I’d Have to Think About It – I’d Have to Think About It

“You are my Achilles’ heel, the weakness only I can feel.”

I Just Don’t Think That You Like Me That Much Anymore – To Learn

“Just leave it unspoken and leave me unsure”

We’ll Never Have Sex – We’ll Never Have Sex

“Depollute me.” “Dilute me.”

Additional features:

Olive Klug – Out of Line – Don’t You Dare Make Me Jaded

“I’m done waiting.”

Radiohead – No Surprises – OK Computer


beabadoobee – the way things go – the way things go

“In my mind, you’ll always stay the same.”

Faye Webster – I Know You – Faye Webster

“I’m here regardless of the pain, don’t ever tell me to go away from you.”

Olivia Rodrigo – Lacy – GUTS

“I feel your compliments like bullets on skin.”

Now, I know a lot of these quotes might seem a little concerning. To me, though, this music is a background by which I live a lot of my life. Many long hours in the library have been spent with this playlist keeping me company. I do acknowledge that some of the songs might seem like an odd choice, but they feel important in some way or another. A departure either into some brighter music or a look into some deeper content. It is balance and ease to me, comfort and peace. To me, peace is quiet, and quiet is music, as long as you pick the right songs. As finals week approaches, giving myself peace and quiet is the best I can do. If you’re interested, the playlist is below.

Allie is a new member of the Her Campus chapter at St. Bonaventure University. She plans to write pieces on topics such as pop culture, music, health, and more! Allie is currently a junior studying both Early Childhood and Childhood Inclusive Education and Music. On campus, Allie is involved in College Democrats, the Bonaventure Education Association, Empower, and SGA. Allie also enjoys volunteering at the Food Pantry and Bona Buddies. In her time away from academics, you can find Allie reading or taking a walk on the River Trail with her friends. Allie is also an avid music lover and can tell you a fun fact about any music from any culture and time frame.