Staycation: Spring Break at Home

I don’t know about you, but “home” for me is NOT a sunny beach or really anywhere warm. I went back to chilly Cincinnati, Ohio for my spring break. I didn’t want to be bored all week, so I figured out some fun things to do if you can’t get out of town for break!

1. Museums

Wherever you are, there is most likely going to be a museum. In Cincinnati, I suggest the Contemporary Arts Museum, The Museum Center, or the Cincinnati Art Museum. You don’t even have to go to learn anything, just to look at some cool stuff and get out of the cold!

2. Movies

As most of you know, “Captain Marvel” just came out in theaters! Take your friends, cousins, mom, dad, or anyone to see a fun movie. Get some popcorn and relax!

3. Roller skating

People REALLY underestimate how much fun this is! Grab a group of friends, some quarters and have a great time! It’s a great way to get exercise and win some fun prizes at the arcade.

4. Plays/Musicals

Odds are, wherever you are, there’s a community theater or maybe a professional one. Either way, going to see a show is a lot of fun. You can even make a whole night of it and get some dinner first!

5. Self-care day!


Sleep in ‘til noon. Take a bath or a long shower and just relax. Get your nails done or paint them yourself! Do a face mask and focus on relaxing. Your spring break should be a break for YOU.

6. Walks/Runs

Now that daylight savings is over, its way easier to stay out later. Go for a jog when it’s a cool evening. It’s good to get outside and get some fresh air. Maybe go to a park with your dog and get them some exercise too!

Hopefully, these ideas helped you and you have an amazing and fun-filled spring break!


Article by Natalie Geers