Springtime Vibes

If you haven’t noticed, the first day of spring was March 20, which makes us a bit closer to SUMMER! If you are like me and go to school in an area where winter tends to be long, don’t worry because I have some tips and ideas for you.


Always check the weather in your area so you can plan what to wear for that day, along with the accessories you plan to wear. Also, weather can either make or break your day depending on the amount of vitamin D you get. Lastly, the more endorphins that are produced in your body, the happier you are.


Your skin is essentially the most honest part of your body because it’ll let you know if you need to incorporate more water, vitamins, foods and more in your diet and life. For instance, your skin tends to be drier if you live or stay in areas lacking in vitamin D (sunlight) for long periods of time. This can cause a person to develop eczema and other skin inflammation due to lack of nutrients in their skin.

To help or prevent dry skin, you should always moisturize when getting out of the shower and make sure to clean your hands before applying moisturizer to your face. To make sure your pores don’t get clogged, try to use a lightweight moisturizer or oil for your skin. However, it’s better to use a thicker moisturizer at night because that is when your skin tends to be the driest.

Also, try buying and using body washes that aren’t scented (my favorite is an oatmeal cleanser) and don’t have harsh chemicals. These unscented, moisturizing cleansers are great because they help restore nutrients that are stripped from your body while also cleaning your body. This applies to hair too. Make sure you aren’t using harsh shampoo and conditioners on your hair.

Lastly, a lightweight oil to put in your hair is avocado oil. It’s great and nourishes your hair.


My favorite part about warmer months and seasons is, color. I’m not saying you can’t play with color in colder months but, they are more prominent in spring and summer. Whether the sun is out or not, it’s always good to add a pop of color to your outfit or makeup look. This can vary from a bold or flirty lip with a neutral eye look to a colorful eye look with a neutral lip. In addition, a cute bright leather jacket or accessories can make your look as quick as it can break it, so don’t overdo it.