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Spring 2018: This Season’s Key Trends

Spring is the season for new fashion trends to start popping up all over social media. It’s the time of year when everyone is able to show off their “Spring Break” tans, eagerly breaking out their shorts and sandals… Well, mostly everyone. Although the calendar says spring is quickly approaching, it seems like Western, New York weather hasn’t gotten the memo yet, as per usual. For us girls still trekking through the snow, here are some spring fashion trends I see for 2018 that are still wearable in this frigid weather!


Statement Accessories

I know what you’re thinking. Accessories have almost always been essential and relevant in the fashion world. This spring, however? We’re thinking BIG and BOLD. Here’s your chance to rock those hoop earrings that help you embrace your inner Selena Quintanilla. Maybe you can finally wear that elephant brooch your aunt got you for Christmas (Remember when you smiled graciously but thought at the same time, “What am I going to where this with?”). Let me help you out. Close your eyes and watch this outfit come together in your head: An emerald green, off the shoulder sweater, high waisted straight leg trousers (black, of course), some leopard print flats (animal print can always be in style when worn modestly), and right up by your left shoulder? That’s where you can pin that brooch. As with all statement fashion pieces, the BEST and most stylish way to wear such bold accessories is with confidence. Don’t be afraid to rock those accessories and show the world your personality through the smallest fashion statement one can make!



Out of all clothing, my personal favorite piece has to be a fashionable coat. I’m obsessed. Living in New York all my life, I almost never leave the house without a coat or jacket for at least nine out of the twelve months in a year. This past Christmas, I finally got a coat that’s been on my list for ages: A black trench coat. That’s right, trench coats are coming back. They’re so versatile, and you can dress them up or down! Especially in the transition from winter to spring, when you’re not quite sure what the weather is going to do throughout the day. Trench coats have been a reoccurring trend, so of course, this spring, the trenches are becoming more detailed and dramatic. Recently, trenches have been combined with another popular coat: The cape. Cape coats, similar to trenches, are classy and make any outfit look so much more put-together. This trend is in the running for my favorite this season—and not just because of my bias toward coats. The combination of two such timeless and stylish coats has made the trench even more versatile and will definitely catch a passerby’s eyes as you strut across campus.



The one aspect I adore about the fashion industry is that it’s constantly evolving and improving. Recent times have seen brand names become more relevant, which can be owed to the prominence of these brands’ logos standing out on their pieces. Whether the logo is emblazoned across the chest of a top or down the pant leg, it’s there and definitely noticeable. This trend is one that some might hesitate to follow, for fear of others believing them to be “spoiled” or “stuck-up.” Remember, if you work hard and earn the money to have the ability to splurge on luxury fashion, don’t be embarrassed to show it off. That’s proof that you are a working woman, and you have a right to be recognized for your determination and work ethic! The brand you’re showing off doesn’t even have to be designer! The trend is the “logo”—not the brand. So, whether you’re rocking Louis Vuitton or New York & Company, wear that logo proudly.



I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who desperately wanted to be a ballerina when I was younger. I was just in love with the skirts the older girls wore. Tulle perfectly captures in fabric the grace and beauty of a ballerina’s movements. This season, we all have a chance to live out our dream of dancing perfectly on pointe through an emergence of the “sheer” trend. That’s right: nearly see-through fabrics are on the rise. If you’re active on social media, I’m sure you’ve seen the Kardashian-Jenner clan sporting sheer tops over expensive lingerie. I’m not saying we can all be this bold, but don’t be afraid to throw a sheer black top over a neon camisole for a night out. I’ve even seen sheer coats being worn throughout the big cities. I suppose it kind of defeats the purpose of a coat, but the sheer trend combined with outerwear can really be pulled off as stylish! It’s truly amazing the way fashion manifests itself through different fabrics.



Okay, I lied. THIS is hands down my favorite trend of Spring 2018. I love dressing up in heels and an LBD as much as the next girl, but when all else fails, I grab some yoga pants, a zip up hoodie, and some sneakers. This spring, you can expect to see a lot of people looking like they’re about to head out for some hot yoga or spinning. Maybe they are, but really, they might have hopped on this trend: Athleisure. You have to admit, wearing workout clothes makes you feel more athletic than you actually are, and might even influence you to actually hit the gym. Think: Leggings, cute sports bra, a form fitting (but comfortable) Nike tank top, and your track jacket with the most pockets (for post-workout snacks, of course). This sportswear trend is not only cute, but also comfortable and so versatile. Do you know how many different colors leggings and sports bras come in these days? Comfort is key when it comes to fashion, and in the end, the Athleisure trend surely beats out the others in this aspect.

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