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It is officially fall, which means it is time for seasonal drinks at Starbucks and a fall playlist update. I have five songs to add to your playlists this fall. Whether you are walking to class, admiring the changing leaves, or getting ready for an autumn adventure, these songs will help you get into the fall mood. 

Bags- Clairo 

The song “Bags” by Clairo perfectly captures the essence of the season for me. While it has no obvious relation, something about it reminds me of a bright fall day. The upbeat vibe of the song contradicts the desperate sadness of the lyrics, like the sun shining down on a cold, Autumn afternoon.  

Nothing New- Taylor Swift featuring Phoebe Bridgers 

There are countless Taylor Swift songs like “All Too Well” that are staples for so many people this time of year. One that I consider top tier is “Nothing New,” featuring Phoebe Bridgers. On the surface, the song is depressing and probably hits close to home for most young women. The lyrics talk about the struggles of growing up as a woman in a world where we are valued for our fleeting qualities; youth and beauty. But I think the song is like a love letter for young women because it validates our inner monologues. The fall season can be a hard transition; school picks up, nights get colder, days get shorter, and summer seems decades away. Sometimes, our only reprieve may be going out with friends on the weekends, which can become mentally and physically draining. This song recenters me when I get caught in the cycle that I call the “autumn rut.” 

Sarah’s Place- Zach Bryan and Noah Kahan 

“Sarah’s Place” is a song from a recent EP released by Zach Bryan and Noah Kahan, two artists growing more popular by the day. As summer ends and the new school year sets in, life can get busy, and it is easy to feel caught up in mundane tasks. I find myself reminiscing on old memories, so I listen to this song to help me take a moment to feel nostalgia, appreciate the memories, and get inspired to create new ones.  

October Skies- Mumford & Sons 

In the song “October Skies,” the lyrics are full of imagery and heartfelt metaphors that create an emotional and touching mood. This song just radiates love, hope, and faith. At the same time, it is also raw and honest. Seasons change and things happen, but love remains. 

Autumn in New York- Billie Holiday 

This song makes me feel like I discovered a time machine that transports me to a 1950s jazz club in New York City. “Autumn in New York” was originally written by Vernon Duke in 1934, but Holiday’s version from 1956 will always be my favorite. The song is a jazz classic that has been covered by artists like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald.  

Source: Genius 

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