On Self Love with Brooke Saffire

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! Whether you’re celebrating with your loved one or with your girlfriends over a glass of wine, I want to dig deep…so sit down, grab yourself some coffee and let’s get started.


            The topic I want to discuss today is self-love, baby! Loving yourself and being happy with who you genuinely are as a person is one of the most important things we can master while we are here on Earth. I know, it seems like it should be such an easy concept to achieve, but as we all know, it is hard work. In my opinion, in order to really fall in love with someone else, you must first learn how to fall in love with yourself! Spending time by yourself and truly listening to yourself is when you start to learn about yourself. You have to understand what you like/dislike, what your goals and ambitions are, what makes you light up and what drains your energy. When you truly know yourself, you know what boundaries you must set with people and then you will understand your value and not let anyone take that away from you. This comes with time! You truly learn more things about yourself every single day and with every hardship that you encounter. Eventually, you will start to attract the right people that are meant to be in your life. Love yourself first and everything else falls into place.


            I wanted to give some tips on what has worked for me to maintain a healthy relationship with myself! When I wake up each morning, I try to remember reasons why I am grateful to be alive. Practicing abundance and putting that energy out into the universe truly does come back into your life. So, try each day from here on out to start each morning by telling yourself something really positive, like how well you handled a situation or who in your life you feel grateful for. Anything that will make you smile and shift you into a higher frequency will work.


I also think it is so important to surround yourself with beautiful people! The people you hang out with and spend most of your time with is really just a reflection on how you view yourself. Surround yourself with people who love, uplift and encourage you. You get to pick who you hang out with so, pick people that are right for you. Pick people that remind you daily that you are special and get rid of anyone who doesn’t.


Also, I think it is so important to truly embrace and love everything that makes you unique. Your flaws, your imperfections…these are what make you special. These are what make you, you. So, celebrate that every day! Look in the mirror and learn to love those “imperfections.” Changing your mindset to learn how to appreciate what makes you different will be one of the biggest steps you can take to accomplishing self-love.


My last tip for you is to step outside of your comfort zone and walk through the unknown! The unknown is where the most beautiful things happen. It is such an incredible feeling when we realize that we have achieved something we never thought we could. Experiencing change and surrendering to the unknown is where you truly discover some many different layers of yourself that you probably never knew you had! So, on this Valentine’s day, make sure you give some of that love to YOURSELF. Make sure you set aside some time to love yourself and lets all make more of an effort to put in the effort to learn more about yourself. You yourself, as much as anybody else, deserve your love and affection, never forget that.


Article by: Brooke Saffire