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It is halfway through the second semester of senior year. At this point, some seniors may be starting to panic about their life after graduation. Students could enter the workforce, go to graduate school, work an internship, or take more time to determine their next step. There’s no need to panic or feel like you must have everything figured out. Many people end up changing jobs throughout their career journey.

For some, going to graduate school is their next step. Seniors who are interested in graduate school still have time to apply. Most schools require some personal statement, which is an application essay. Depending on the degree you apply for, sometimes standardized tests are required such as the GRE for many graduate and business programs, the LSAT for law school or the MCAT for medical school. There is a lot of practice to help students prepare for these exams.

Many schools have resources on campus for students to use. Make an appointment at your school’s career center. Career counselors can help with graduate school planning, internship search, job search, career planning and more. They can even give you interview tips and practice interviews with you.

Using job search sites can help you narrow down opportunities to apply for. Sites such as Indeed, Handshake and ZipRecruiter allow you to type in what kind of job you’re looking for and where you would like to work, what experience you have, what salary range you’re expecting, etc. Then pull up the available jobs that fit your criteria. It’s fairly easy to find jobs and apply to them using these sites. Also, looking for jobs on LinkedIn is another way to go.

Talk to your professors about the career field you are interested in. Many professors will have experience working in the field and or know of others in the field. Often, they won’t hesitate to connect you with someone they know. Contacting people, even just setting up some time to chat about their job and career journey can help you build strong connections in your industry. Networking with others could potentially connect you to people who know of job openings, and they may even put in a good recommendation for you.

There is no right or wrong choice. Everyone is on their own unique path. Don’t be afraid to seek help through the process, whether that’s job searching, applying to graduate school or taking more time to figure out the next steps. Talk to your professors, academic advisor, alumni, family, and friends for guidance if you want.

You’re just getting started on life post-graduation. Remember that it’s ok to not have everything figured out yet.

Hi!! I'm Kelsey and I'm a senior strategic communication major at St. Bonaventure University. I love reading, writing, listening to podcasts and walking!