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Bonaventure is blooming with colorful flowers, the warm weather is FINALLY here and students are roaming campus. It is so nice to see everyone enjoy these last few weeks, but it is also nice to be able to go back home soon and enjoy my summer. As I write this week’s article, all my classes and my sophomore year of college are coming down to an end.

Starting off the year I was excited but also dreading it. My freshman year was filled with ups and downs, so this made me nervous for what was to come this year. I came in with the mindset that I was going to focus on myself and spend less time worrying about things I couldn’t control. Now that it is the end of the year I feel confident enough to say that I fulfilled my goal.

Major Changes

This year I changed my major again. This is the last time I promise. I switched from Educational Studies to Early/Childhood dual certification program. I realized that after spending more and more time in the classroom and completing observation hours that I wanted my career to be more centered in the classroom. I am very happy with my decision and can say that I am feeling most content with this switch.

SBU Dance Team

Dance team was another huge success this year! My freshman year I fell in love with the dance team. I love the people and the environment because automatically everybody was super welcoming and kind. I was so surprised to see how many new members joined this year and it was honestly really nice to make new friendships with everyone. This year we performed at many of our basketball games which was super fun, but I may just be bias because I love hip-hop. Along with the game dances we also prepared for our upcoming shows. During the fall semester we did our take on “Back to the Future” and in the spring semester we did our version of “Another Cinderella Story”. Both shows were super fun and I am so happy that people who watched us loved them as well. Although dance is over for the semester I am super excited to see what happens next semester!

Trying New Things

If you told me last year that I joined Her Campus I actually would’ve laughed. Now don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the club I am just usually not one to write unless it’s my homework or an essay. I originally joined because, well, I knew Claire and Leah, and also I love to be involved on campus. Little did I know this would become my favorite way to spend Monday evenings. This club has not only been a creative outlet for me, but it has also allowed me to meet so many amazing people and I am forever grateful for this. What is evening more exiting is that we recently just published our own magazine!! YES a magazine. This magazine is filled with our own personal writing pieces and pictures and the whole process was so fun. I am so happy that we were able to do this as a group, and hopefully can do something similar in the future.

Finding My Friends

Freshman year I thought I knew who my friends were. I was wrong. I am not mad or sad or upset abut loosing any of my friends because I truthfully believe that everything happens for a reason. My past friendships brought me many memories, some good and some not so good. Either way I am grateful for each and every relationship because they have shaped me into the person I am today. Throughout this year I have made so many new friends and found my little circle. This is really relieving for me because I honestly thought I never would.

Prioritizing Myself

Lastly, this year was a year for me to focus on myself and finding out what I could do to make myself happy again. This took a lot of therapy and reflection, but it was so worth it. Therapy has allowed me to find ways to cope with my anxiety and also stick up for myself in certain situations. My therapist and my family, especially my mom, have been amazing people who have helped me through a lot and given me great advice along the way.

My sophomore year has pretty much been a success, and I am looking forward to coming back for junior year. (saying I am going to be a junior in college is crazy!)

Amanda Ippolito is a new member of Her Campus at the St. Bonaventure University chapter. She is very excited to share her writing with everyone and enjoys writing about topics that relate to pop culture, journal topics, and personal experiences. Amanda is from a very small town, Silver Creek, NY. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her dog Bella. She also loves to listen to music, go thrifting, cook, browse Pinterest, and go to concerts. When not out and about you can find Amanda working or listening to music. Amanda’s music taste varies from artists like Stevie Nicks and Lana Del Rey all the way to Kendrick Lamar and Deftones. Beyond Her Campus, Amanda is her class’ treasurer and is involved in the school’s dance team, student government association, and college democrats.