Safe Places: Reminders of What's Most Important

Every time I get overwhelmed or feel like I am going to explode from within, I turn to things, people or places that are extremely sacred to me. Let’s talk safe places.

There is a very big difference from “favorite” and “sacred,” which many of us commonly mistake. The reason why I am focusing so much on the emphasis of sacred is because these sacred people, places, or things are considered our safe places. I’m sure everyone has a different definition of what they consider to be a safe place, but for me, it’s a person, place, or thing that I go to when I need an escape and need to connect with myself again. I cherish my safe places intensely and I think that it is important for everyone to find theirs and to always keep it sacred.

Whenever I feel like I need to clear my head, I will drive to a close beach and sit on the sand with my blanket, by myself, and just let my mind literally flow with the waves. This is extremely therapeutic to me and allows me to regain my energy and see anything that I am unsure about in my life a little clearer. Another safe place of mine is my family cottage on Chautauqua Lake. My family cottage has been in my life ever since I was a little girl, and every time I go there, I am automatically reminded of what truly matters to me. My other sacred places are books that I can spiritually connect with, and people, such as my two older sisters, my two younger cousins, my mom (of course!) and my two grandmas. These are people who I hold very close to me. They are sacred to me.

You’re probably reading this thinking, “OK. We get it, these things, people and places are SACRED to you.” The reason why I keep using this word instead of “favorite” is because I really want to distinguish the two from each other. We always want to keep our safe places sacred because these people, places, and/or things are what reminds us that everything is going to be ok and that we’ll get through whatever we are currently dealing with. It is so important to keep these safe places to ourselves, and/or only share them with people that we are certain care for us, want the best for us and will be in our lives for the long run.

We should be cautious, though, of who we invite into our safe places because sometimes when we get caught up in everything that is going on in life we want to show every single person our safe places, not realizing that we are inviting those people into our sacred, protective places. Knowing that it’s normal for people to come in and out of our lives, we never want to have a bad taste in our mouths about these places after inviting the wrong people with the wrong intentions.

Everyone should find a safe place, keep it sacred and be very selfish with who they share these safe places with. These safe people, places and things that we cherish and hold so close to our hearts are what makes living worthwhile. If you’re reading this feeling like you don’t have a safe place or are unsure as to what your safe place could be, it’s OK. This comes with growing and learning more about yourself daily. With learning yourself comes finding and awakening to so many amazing things, a main one being our safe places.