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Navigating the different relationships you have in your life

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Let’s talk about relationships. I am guessing a romantic one comes to mind. But, let’s talk about the other relationships that aren’t instantly associated with the word. As I grow up, I realize how many different relationships I have with others. Familial ones, friendships, acquaintances, romantic, professional, place-based, platonic and situational. Any kind of relationship can start to become problematic. They can also be hard to maintain, especially when they eventually fizzle out.

I reflected upon some past relationships I have lost. The ending of any kind of relationship can be terrible. I find the ending of a friendship hurts more than a romantic or situational relationship. It is harder to define expectations in a platonic friendship since friends are probably on two different pages. With a relationship, both of you put your wants and needs out on the table, making them known. Sometimes in a friendship, it can be harder to walk away when someone isn’t being a great friend. Friendship breakups are a real thing that we’ve all experienced before. I think as we get older and more mature, it is easier because distance and doubt is usually involved.

When my best friend and I first went to college, our friendship took a major toll. We both met new friends, were at separate schools and found new hobbies that didn’t involve each other. Why did such a good growth moment feel bad? I remember us telling each other, “You’ve changed.” We did change. And it was not a bad change. I have known this amazing woman since we were nine years old. Sometimes in a relationship, it is easier to jump to the worst outcome. We both knew deep down that we would never stop talking and being each other’s person. We eventually got through it and remain best friends today.

Let’s move on to familial relationships. Family members can be the hardest to deal with since they are connected to us in a more intimate, complicated way. Most of the time, they’ve known us since our first breath. There is not a singular answer to family challenges. On the contrary, some familial connections are strong. I have to remind myself it is also acceptable for family relationships to be tricky.

Humans desperately need relationships. They’re vital to our mental and emotional well-being. We cannot survive without them. Different genders have different roles in relationships regarding emotional connections. It is hard to balance the number of relationships in life. Neglect can be a major reason people feel like a relationship comes to an end. I sometimes feel like I neglect my home friends when I am at school with my college friends, or when I visit my college friends over breaks when I’m home. Multiple new relationship aspects come into play, like diversity, proximity and freedom when meeting people at college. A lot of childhood friends were placed in your hands or grew up next door to you. In college, people are from all over the country. If you think about it, different relationships are used to fulfill different needs. It only makes sense to befriend more people as you grow.

Never stop trying to make new relationships and accept the end to old ones. It is vital to our existence!

Hi, my name is Marnique, and I'm a junior journalism and mass communication major at St. Bonaventure University. I love to read and write!
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