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Quick 10 Questions with Kevin Grant

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SBU chapter.

Name: Kevin Grant

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia

Major: Math

Year: Senior

Her Campus: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Kevin! We are going to do a quick round of 10 questions, you ready?!

Kevin Grant: Sure thing and yeah!

HC: Cats or dogs?

KG: No question dogs, I want to save all the dogs.

HC: On Saturday night’s if you arent going out to a party you are…?

KG: Making cookies, I’m actually really good at it!

HC: Favorite TV Show?

KG: A tie between South Park and How I Met Your Mother, both are classics

HC: What is your dream job?

KG: Something that let’s me make a good living, but also adopt all of the dogs in the world

HC: Current relationship status?

KG: Single

HC:Top qualitites in a significant other?

KG:Just someone who is pretty easy going, but likes to have a good time. My top traits? Definitely loyalty and a sense of humor. 

HC:Secret talent you have that no one knows you have?

KG: Car karaoke, I jam out the whole way home to Virginia, it’s a concert in the car 

HC: Ice Cream or Cookies?

KG: Absolutely cookies, everyday

HC: Favorite sport to watch on TV?

KG: Anything DC sports, but my absolutely favorite is hockey with the Washington Capitals. 

HC: What is your favorite thing about Bonas?

KG: Definitely all the great friends I have made here. Just everyone is really nice and looks out for each other. 


I'm a Junior Strategic Communications major at Saint Bonaventure University, also known as the greatest place on earth. Hobbies include eating ridiculous amounts of food, watching Scandal and swimming. I'm probably wearing converse.