The Perfect Nail Polish Colors for Spring

After the long, dragging, winter months, it’s always refreshing to brighten up your life with some color.  One of our favorite ways to add some color to our lives, is by painting our nails with our favorite polishes.  With spring comes spring break, the sun, tans and more time outside.  As our lives start to get busier and more exciting, we want nail polish that will last long and complement the seasons. 

Here’s a list of some of our favorite long-lasting colors for spring!

1. Just the Way you Arctic” by Essie The perfect pastel purple that will brighten up any look and act as a perfect transition into the warmer months.

2. "Bubble Bar" by OPI A light pink that goes with any outfit. It's perfect for spring break and will accentuate your new tan!

3. "Bikini So Teeny" by Essie The perfec shade to make a statement. A great color for going out that will put all the attention on you!

So pick your favorite color, grab your favorite bathing suit and head to the beach!


Article co-authored by Riley Dambaugh & Abbie Lee