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I’m sure you have all experienced a moment at some point this year that made you feel embarrassed. I know I have. 

I’ve only been in college for a month, and have already experienced far too many embarrassing moments.

One day in particular, I felt I was being targeted by the universe to make me look ridiculous. I don’t really want to talk about what exactly unfolded that day, but trust me, it was not my brightest moment.

Recently, when I start to feel embarrassed or nervous, I have started to get nauseous, or light headed. So, it’s been even harder recovering from a bad experience.

However, I’ve found some ways that help me feel better after being truly humbled.

Here are some of my tips:

1. Take A MomentAlone

I don’t know about you, but if I just did something that made everyone’s eyes go on me, I’d want to escape them as quick as possible. You may not be able to escape right away, but when you can, do it. Give yourself a moment to breathe and recompose yourself. It’s important to be kind to yourself, you’re only human and this stuff happens to everyone.

2.Tell Someone Else

I understand that some experiences may be uncomfortable to share, but believe me, it’s so much better if you talk to someone about it. Also, I’m sure you’d rather be the one telling the story rather than someone else, so people get the chance to sympathize, or laugh with you, rather than at you.

3. No One Thinks About It, Why Should You?

I struggled with having this mentality for a while, but it’s so beneficial to your mental health. Can you recall a moment where someone in your life made a fool of themselves last week? A month ago? A year? I can’t. Maybe you do, but do you think about it all the time? No, probably not. So, if you think about it, everyone else has so much going on in their own lives, they’re not going to remember one small moment that caused you so much stress and embarrassment. Stop thinking about it! No one else is, so you shouldn’t either.

4. Laugh It Off

Having humor and being able to laugh at yourself is the best way to resolve your feelings of embarrassment. Everyone gets embarrassed, and if you can hardwire your brain to think it’s not that serious, then it really isn’t. Laugh about it, make others laugh about it. You’ll feel better in the end, I promise.

5. Reward Yourself

Treat yourself! Enjoy a sweet treat, watch a movie, buy something new, or even just take a nap. You deserve something nice after going through something so scary. Give yourself a break and have some me-time. You just recovered from a very uncomfortable experience, good for you!

Jessica Wikander is a new member of the Her Campus chapter at St. Bonaventure University this year, and is excited to write on topics such as movies, books, music, and so much more. She is also looking to get more involved in the world of writing and journalism as well as marketing while at school. Jessica is a freshman at St. Bonaventure University and is an undeclared communications major. Along with Her Campus, she has joined other on campus media outlets such as The Buzz, the campus radio station, and SBU-TV, the campus TV station. She also hopes to be a part of the Campus Conservationists Club, and the Jandoli School Women in Communications group. Back home, Jessica worked at her local public library for two and half years where she grew to love being surrounded by people who shared the same love of books and writing as her. On her own time, Jessica enjoys reading. She is a lover of classic literature, fantasy, and literary fiction. She also loves to crochet and is trying to learn how to knit. A comfort show of hers is New Girl, and is an avid period drama watcher and enthusiast. She is open to any discussions on her favorite pieces of media and is always looking for new recommendations of things to watch or read.