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The One Thing Holiday Break and College Teaches You

Now entering my last run through of holiday breaks in my college career (sad), I have learned something since the years of being a freshman. For many of you, this may have been the first time you were away from home for a long period of time, and perhaps the first time you will be seeing home since you had left!

My experience may have been a little different as each time I get to go home, I get a little less time due to commitments from swimming for Bona’s. For example, we usually stay on campus in the snowy abyss for up to 10 extra days during Christmas break before we get to return home for only a few days before jetting off to Florida once again (it is not nearly as glamorous as the word jetting may make it sound).

I remember freshmen year making tons of plans for the 4 days I would be home for Thanksgiving. I am from Virginia, so travel did take up some of my time. I planned nearly all of that time except for obvious Thanksgiving Day activities, other times were planned to spend time with friends. Trying to fit everyone into your schedule while working around theirs was quite the challenge but none the less, a successful break would only be success if I saw everyone right?

What I have learned each year is that I was wrong. You may have already noticed, or will soon enough, you won’t stay best friends or even close friends with everyone from high school and that’s ok. One day a break will come along and the list of people you actually NEED to see will shrink, but that’s ok. However, the quality of the people on that list will increase exponentially. They are the people you can call at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night because you’re drunk, mad, or sad over something stupid. Even though they may not be able to understand what you are saying through the drunken sobs and slurs over the phone, they will be there for you. Friends that you don’t have to talk to everyday, but that you can hang out with over break and time will have changed nothing.  

Even more so I find that I make more time for my family. Most of my days are spent sleeping late and waking up and enjoying breakfast with my mom. Or, sitting on the porch talking to my dad or walking the dog with my brother. Then visiting relatives and family friends nearby. I obviously still make time for the close friends, but they too become a new kind of family who come over for dessert after Thanksgiving dinner. 

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I'm a Junior Strategic Communications major at Saint Bonaventure University, also known as the greatest place on earth. Hobbies include eating ridiculous amounts of food, watching Scandal and swimming. I'm probably wearing converse.
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