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Bonjour, Paris! Being this is my second year of college, the thought of studying abroad has certainly crossed my mind. I have always had a dream of traveling and exploring the world, and then my opportunity came. I came across the opportunity to apply for a study and intern abroad program in Paris, France! I never even thought I would have the chance to do something like this. I have been studying French since sixth grade and always have wanted to see Paris.

Once I applied, I knew the process would be daunting, but worth it. I had no idea what I was about to plunge into. While I met with multiple people for help, I was one of the first to do my internship abroad, as well. That is an exciting but also nerve-wrecking fact. Also, I want to mention how exactly my process went for this, because at times, I did feel very confused and overwhelmed. Now that my process is for the most part over, I would love to share my experience. 

Overall, my application process went pretty smoothly. I applied to the specific program I wanted and waited to get back my results. Once I got accepted, I was ecstatic. Right then and there, I felt so much hope! Then, I had to fill out a bunch of forms before the most confusing part—obtaining my student visa. I never imagined how difficult this process would be. Writing this, I have booked my appointment, but haven’t gone yet. In order to obtain a French student visa, you have to have an in-person interview in NYC (I mean…hey, at least I get to go see NYC while I’m at it!). What I found to be the most interesting was all of the external support I received. The company I am going through, CEA, did a great job at making sure I had total help throughout the entire process. I had an admissions person throughout my application process, an enrollment advisor once I was accepted, a financial advisor, and an internship placement advisor. I did several Zoom calls with individuals to have my plan and program customized to my wants and needs. They spent a lot of time analyzing my goals for both my study abroad experience, as well as my internship placement.

I feel very grateful that I have been given this opportunity. I think that study abroad and even travel is one of the most important things to enhance one’s life. When I am over there, there are some things that I hope to do. I want to fully immerse myself in the culture and meet as many people as possible. When I get back, I definitely will want to write a follow-up on my time over there. I plan to take full advantage of everything once I am over there—the sightseeing, easy access to other countries, food, and nightlife. Also, I hope to truly explore how I see my future career going. While I have a general sense of what I want to do fully, this internship confirms that. On that note…Au revoir!

Hi! I’m Sophia and I’m a sophomore at St. Bonaventure. I’m a marketing major and international business minor. I love to dance, play piano, and travel.
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