My Review on Subscription Boxes

Recently I’ve noticed on social media how subscription boxes are a trending thing. People seem to love trying out new products for a cheap price. The great thing about these boxes is that there are so many to try out. If you have thought about getting one, but are unsure of which to get, this may offer some help.

Around last October, I was seeing so many ads on Instagram for different subscription boxes like Birchbox, Ipsy, FabFitFun and more. After seeing these ads constantly, I finally decided to look into them. I did some research on the Birchbox and Ipsy subscription boxes.

To start out, I wanted to see the prices of these subscriptions and what came in them. Both Birchbox and Ipsy were $10.00 per month and you could cancel or pause your subscription whenever. I also found promo codes for the subscription boxes, with deals such as 10% off if you join now, making it $8.00 instead of $10.00 per month. When ordering these, your credit card is automatically charged each month. For us college girls, I know money is tight. The great thing about these subscriptions is that if you want to cancel it due to money issues, you can let them know and they will send you the next month’s box for free. Birchbox and Ipsy both come with 5 products, generally travel size, but every few months they came with one full sized product. I made the purchase of Ipsy first, which includes products for skincare, perfume, nails and of course, makeup. Birchbox also offers products for skincare, hair care, perfume and makeup.

When I first joined Ipsy, I was put on a waitlist. After about a week or two, I was off of the waitlist and my products were being prepared to ship out. When joining both Ipsy and Birchbox, they ask you questions about which type of products you are most interested in. For myself, I wanted more makeup, haircare and skincare products than perfumes or nail products, but the choice is completely up to you. The websites also asks about which skin tone is closest to yours and what shades of eyeshadow you would prefer.

The difference between Ipsy and Birchbox is that the Birchbox comes in a cardboard box with cute prints on them and Ipsy comes in a “Glam Bag.” Each bag is a different color and cute design. The products differ in that the Birchbox products are slightly more high end and more geared towards skincare. Ipsy on the other hand, still has good brands and are geared towards makeup products.

Since purchasing these products and trying them all out, I have noticed that I prefer the Birchbox over Ipsy. My Birchbox came with a lot of hair care products that I loved. I also received more full size products than the Ipsy glam bag. Both subscription boxes are great, but for myself I would recommend Birchbox.