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We all have our favorite artists. However, have you ever thought about the type or genre of music you listen to at certain times throughout the day and why?

Does Music help you focus?

When I listen to music while doing school work it helps me focus and do better on the work. In our generation we all have access to our phone at the tip of our fingers and it is so easy to get distracted while doing homework. However, I have found that if I listen to music while studying I am able to focus way better. Anyone else?

I have found that making different types of playlists for the type of work I am doing has helped me improve greatly on much of the homework I do. If I am studying I enjoy more of a coffee shop playlist to get me in the zone. When writing essays and articles I prefer an alternative playlist in the background to keep me thinking and on my toes. There are studies that found that music can help people with ADHD. ADHD makes focusing on work even harder than for the average student.

People with ADHD often have difficulty with tracking timing and duration when studying. A study showed music can help with time management. Background music playing can allow you to work more efficiently. Also, studies explain that having ADHD is linked to having lower dopamine levels. Music increases dopamine levels. This allows people who struggle in this area to be able to focus better and have better energy. I personally struggle with ADHD and have found that having background music when doing any type of work helps me focus way better. I believe that if I was allowed to listen to music while taking an exam, I could go up a letter grade. Maybe this is a topic that should be looked into by colleges.

How does music make you feel?

Another reason why I enjoy listening to music is to calm my nerves. Have you ever been super nervous for an event or a class and put on some music before? Well I have found that this can greatly relieve stress. Music has different tones and beats behind each song that can either make you anxious or calm. I have found that music with a fast beat can give me anxiety. For an example, a lot of people get very bad anxiety at rap concerts because of the tone of music. However, a lot of people enjoy meditating due to the tone and beats in meditation music are very calming. Sometimes meditation music can actually transform the brain into a state of calmness.

If you are going to a sporting event or if you are an athlete, I believe that upbeat rap/hip-hop music will help you get pumped up and excited to go to these types of events. In my opinion, if you are going to take a test or just simply going to the beach, I would prefer to put on some relaxing music such as, alternative or meditation music. Generally, we find that calming music is related to relaxing the brain and upbeat music is related to activating the brain to move faster.

So what do you prefer?

What type of music do you prefer to listen to when you are going to certain events, studying or just trying to calm your nerves? Music is a very interesting topic on so many levels. We all listen to different types of genres of music so why not make sure you are listening to feel-good music all the time! Sit down with yourself for a while one day and create that best playlist of all time. Do it for you, trust me.

Hello! My name is MacKenzie Bush, I am a junior marketing major at St. Bonaventure University.
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