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I am sick and tired of people making fun of others for having interests!

I suppose this social phenomenon started in elementary school around fourth grade when one boy decided to label another boy as a “try hard.” Slowly, the rest of the class began to ridicule this “try hard” at gym class and recess. 

And with that, the fun was sucked out of our youth. We were now too old to care, turning recess and gym class into a gossip session rather than a time for games. Even then, we longed for the times when we were allowed to enjoy ourselves full-heartedly.

We have not outgrown this “try hard” mentality, unfortunately. Even in popular media, the popular kids lounge around and scoff at the “weirdo” band kids or theater junkies. Of course, nothing really made these cool girls cool other than the fact that they were stunningly beautiful. 

There seems to be a short list of socially acceptable interests, and if yours isn’t on the list, you’re open to backhanded compliments and bullying.

It’s ridiculous!

I have endured my fair share of ridicule. Recently, I excitedly told my friends that I had joined the E-board of The Bona Venture, our school newspaper, as events and social media manager, and I was met with a judgmental “Why would you do that?”

It was as if I had just told them I willingly joined a satanic cult.

Isn’t the point of college to engage yourself in your environment and discover and pursue your passions? It’s a missed opportunity to not get involved, not to mention boring! What else are you going to do when you’re done with classes? Scroll on TikTok?

Outside involvement supplements your education. It’s how you get ahead, get internships and make friends.

The coolest people are those who are involved and have niche interests. We are the movers and shakers of the world, fighting against a ghastly, blasé existence.

Are you an artist? Fascinating! I want to see your work. You read an interesting study? Awesome! Let’s talk about it! You started a podcast? That’s amazing! Send me the link!

The narrative that it’s embarrassing or weird to care is immature and small-minded. To those who perpetuate this belief, I say: “Get a hobby!” Maybe they’ll find something more fulfilling to do than pointlessly shaming others.

We all have big dreams, and oftentimes it’s this stigma that hinders us from pursuing them. But think: Wouldn’t you rather have endured a little mockery and taken the risk to follow your dreams rather than wonder about your lost potential?

With that, go and pursue your passions! It makes you cool.

Meghan Lex is a freshman at St. Bonaventure University from New Jersey. She is a new member at Her Campus SBU, but plans to write pieces surrounding mental health, entertainment, and campus life! She currently studies communications. Technically, she's a "Undeclared Communications" major at the moment because it gives her the opportunity to explore all of the different aspects of the field! As a freshman, she is extremely excited to try new things, and sign up for different clubs and experiences on campus. Evidently, she is a part of the women's cross country and track team, SBU@SPCA, Freshman Leadership Program, and the Student Athletes Wellness Club.