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Has your dad ever talked to you about Bono? Well, mine has been my entire life. Do you want to follow a band that Niall Horan himself is a fan of? I know I do. More importantly, do you like good music from an actual underground indie band? Look no further than the band Inhaler. Inhaler, a Dublin-based indie-rock band, includes four members: Elijah Hewson, Robert Keating, Josh Jenkinson, and Ryan McMahon. Hewson is the son of Bono from U2! The members went to university together, St Andrew’s College, and formed the band from their shared love of music in 2012, then decided on the name in 2015.  

While I am so excited about their new album, Cuts, and Bruises, coming out in February, it’s important to work backward and talk about their first hit album, “It Won’t Always Be Like This.” This rock album about love, loss, nostalgia and growing up, “It Won’t Always Be Like This” is the perfect album for a college student figuring out their place in the world. The lyricism is something remarkably impressive for any audience. My three most impactful songs were “Totally”, “My Honest Face” and “When It Breaks.”

“Totally” is a song about a messy breakup that is the surprising perfect upbeat anthem. Whether or not you have been in a romantic relationship, the idea of both people being in love but just not being good for each other is painful. Even with a toxic friendship, you two know and love each other, but it is not healthy to stay friends. Inhaler talks about this struggle in a mature but entertaining way.  

“My Honest Face”, a song sure to wake you up in the morning, is a pure rock piece about molding yourself to exactly what your lover/friend wants you to be. Because the lead singer loves this person so much, they want to be their ideal person, but it is not their most honest face. I think we all have experienced that, wanting to fit into a group so badly that you may change minor parts of yourself to be accepted. It’s a classic college trope, and Inhaler puts this struggle in a unique light.  

“When It Breaks”, is honestly just about a manic episode. The singer, Hewson, rants about so much going on in his life. Things are falling apart, and he is losing control, but his one bright spot is the person he is singing about. While everything could be going wrong, the person he sings about will always be there with him ‘when it breaks.’

This is an extremely abridged explanation of this album because I could talk about it for so many pages. My best recommendation is to listen repeatedly to this album and its two newest singles: “These Are the Days” and “Love Will Get You There.” If you are ever feeling nostalgic about your golden college days (and nights out), “These Are the Days” is the best song I could recommend. It perfectly puts the beauty of knowing you are living through core memories and the good ol’ days. You are going to be so thankful you became a fan of Inhaler ‘before they got famous’, and you can even gatekeep them with me. Let me know if you’re grabbing their NYC tour tickets!  

Claire Fisher is the co-campus correspondent for the St. Bonaventure Her Campus chapter. She is responsible for chapter recruitment communications, editing of chapter's weekly articles, and general managing of chapter logistics. Claire is currently a third-year student studying Communication, Social Justice & Advocacy with focus on theology and political science. Aside from Her Campus, Claire has previously worked as assistant features editor for the Bona Venture, student-run newspaper, and currently serves as co-president of Jandoli Women in Communication, passionate about representation in the media field. Lastly, she is a content creator and the communications officer for St. Bonaventure College Democrats. In her time away from academics, Claire loves to go hiking on local trails and enjoying talking about her love of music. She is an avid Spotify user, and will engage in any conversation regarding Meg March.