How to Get a Perfect Manicure or Pedicure Every Time

When I came to Bonaventure I moved nine hours away from my home, but almost as major to me, I moved away from my nail salon that I have exclusively gone to for over six years.  This may seem silly, but I am a very simple habited person. I like to go get my nails done every few weeks and I see it something I can do to unwind. That being said, I do not like to deviate from my normal salons where they know how I like my nails done and I trust the technicians.  Switching was a big deal, especially when I was going without my mom or my sister to speak up for me if something was wrong. These are the six tips I had to learn so I could get a perfect manicure or pedicure every time:

  1. Always look around to see if the tools are new or being sanitized in between being used.  In the long run it is much cheaper to pay the extra five dollars than to have to pay for a doctor trip when you get an infection from dirty tools and cut corners.  

  2. Never be afraid to tell the nail technician when something hurts.  If they are doing something repeatedly that is uncomfortable it means they are not trained properly and doing damage to your nails.  

  3. Speak up early! Every time you go to get your nails done if you realize the color is not what you expected, or your nail shape is wrong, let them know before they are almost finished or before you just say it’s fine and then leave upset.  The salon would be much happier to fix it if they are only a nail in than to have you go home upset and give a bad review to your friends about them.

  4. Think about color before you go.  There is nothing more overwhelming than going into a nail salon and having a million colors to look at.  Even if you have a long wait, you will end up panicking and choosing a random color that you will have for at least a week or two.  (Yes, that is how I had brown toe nails for a while).

  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Different nail salons use different techniques.  It is okay to ask what something is instead of just saying ‘OK’ because you’re too shy.  If you are unsure about where something is, I’m sure it’s probably a common question and they don’t mind answering.  

  6. Remember the technicians are people too and are not purposely trying to make you unhappy.  Speaking to them politely will always end with a better outcome than making a scene or coming off rude.  At the end of the day you are spending money and are there to relax. It is okay to speak up if you are unhappy, but don’t look too hard for a mistake.