How to Find Good Eats & Restaurant Review

When being away at a new college or university, you might be in a new area you’ve never been. In that case, you might find yourself having trouble finding good places to dine. The first thing you could do is ask locals in the area for their favorite food spots and why.

Then, you can check them out with a group of friends on your spare time. If you don’t have the luxury of doing so, you could always search for good spots in the area online then look at some reviews and comments that are posted about the service, whether it’s their delivery service or their restaurant.

Lastly, if you don’t want to do either, or you want be spontaneous and go in and just try it, you could always drive over to a different town you know that has good food (assuming you have a car or have a friend with a car). In addition, you are not going to find an exact replica of your favorite food spots from back home and it’s going to suck, or you might get a bit home sick because of it.

However, it will be OK and you will survive because you get to go home for breaks and get to enjoy it again. Also, you can always cook for yourself or just try not to compare the food there to your food back home and just enjoy it.

Now if you are from or close to Olean, New York and love to eat good Mexican food you are going to love Don Tequila. It is absolutely amazing! You can tell the people who make the food love their job and take the time to prepare the food they make for you to enjoy. I ordered a couple nights ago three chicken tacos with lettuce, cheese and sour cream (simple) and it was perfectly seasoned, juicy and made me feel like I was back in my neighborhood in New York City.

The food allowed me to transport back to get that feeling because they cooked with love instead of a greed for money, just like the street vendors did back on my block. Also, they will gladly give you limes on the side if you just ask them too.

Along with my order they gave me a big bag of homemade tortilla chips with salsa and a white cheese sauce to dip them in. In addition to their rapid delivery service, they have a good wait staff at their restaurant who are very nice according to several friends.

If you want to go to the restaurant, they are located at 1202, 76 W Main St, Allegany, NY 14706 and their number is (716) 375-5900.

Article by Amber Peralta