Girl Code

All girls have heard of the term “Girl Code,” but what really is girl code? Girl Code is a list basic rules many girls live by. These rules can range from boys to everyday occurrences and are basically just about girls looking out for other girls. Many of the rules, though, are centered around boys, such as:

1. Never go after a friends ex.

2. Let a girl know if her boyfriend is cheating on her.

3. Rescue your friends from creepy guys.

4. Never fight over a boy.

5. Don’t ever flirt with your friends boyfriend.

Many of these may seem like common sense, but this realm of sense does not come naturally to some girls who don’t see problems with their actions. On the other hand, many girls live by these rules.

Not all of the rules are centered around boys, though. There are far more important ones that girls follow on a daily basis without even thinking twice about it. Some include:

1. Never let your friend go home alone drunk.

2. If your friends bra is showing, tell her.

3. Give out hair ties freely.

4. Don’t slut shame.

5. Protect your friends, no matter the situation.

Some may think, why is Girl Code such a big deal? It’s simply the right thing to do. By following Girl Code you can protect your friends feelings as well as your own. I’ve seen many of my friends get their feelings hurt because of something that could have been avoided completely. Some rules may sound dumb, but it really is the right thing to do if you respect your friends and respect yourself. They even made a TV show called “Girl Code” that aired on MTV. This show focused on many of the rules I listed and even more. The show talked about the rules in a humorous way that caught the attention of many girls and showed them in a relatable way what the right thing to do is.

Girl Code is a universal term that is recognized by girls all around the world. It is an important concept to catch onto. It is an essential building block for trust between friends!