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Ed Sheeran Outdoes Himself in ÷

Ahh what a perfect time for a new release of great music when driving home for spring break – or wherever your adventures may take you. For me the drive was 8 hours from Buffalo to Northern Virginia. And Ed Sheerhan, how you blessed us all!

PC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/÷_(album) 

In this day and age it is rare, atleast for me, to listen to an entire album unless I know the musician well or it has been deeply recommended by a friend, the top tunes are on the radio anyways right? But I am so happy that I gave the ‘÷’ album by Sheeran a chance. It is truly a work of art, and has stretched my perception of Sheeran’s musical talents farther than I knew they could extend.

The album has a great mix of fun and upbeat tunes as well as more sonder ones that will tug at your heart strings. But not too over look the fun Gailic tunes and rap pieces that are also intermixed. As I listened through the entirety of the album, I couldnt help but feel that I was taken on a trip around teh world, as it showcased musical influences from all over. In Galaway Girl, there are touches of Gailic pop, Barcelona reminds one of dancing in the streets and Bibia Be Ye Ye has pieces of the TWI language which is native to Ghana, where he co-wrote the song, and a piece of home with Supermarket Flowers which describes the heartwrenching loss of his grandmother. 

 Here are a few of my favorites….but honestly the entire album deserves a single play through.

Galaway Girl: A story of forbidden love with a hint of Irish soul, that will actually make you consider some Irish heritage and other riverdancing tunes.

New Man: Ed giving a ‘badass’ ode to his ex-lover and her new man. Even though he seems like a real standup great new guy, the ex cant help but call Ed every once in a while…can we really blame her?  

Perfect: Written while in love, which is him describing his love that he lost, and the struggle that comes with truly loving someone and knowing that if they are happier without you, if you really love them you will let them go. Its easy to say and romantically painful in theory but the execution can be the worst part of all.

Nancy Mulligan: The long story of Ed and his nancy love, everything from their first days of meeting to their now 22 grandkids. Even though her dad said no, they ran off to marry anyways, and to accompany the song is a great Gailic beat in case the forbidden love aspect isn’t enough. 


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