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Don’t Forget Me

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SBU chapter.

I have been dealing with a lot lately. School, work, internships and even some friendships have become extremely vexatious.

In the midst of trying to handle all this, I have forgotten the importance of sometimes taking a step back and taking care of myself.

I often feel like I have to say yes to everything.

Yes, I’ll get food with you at 1 a.m.

Yes, I’ll study with you for this class even though I have a paper due at midnight.

Yes, I can sit with you and listen to your problems for three hours without getting a word in about my own life.

Obviously, I love my friends and I love spending time with them. And I’m not against helping people out when they truly need it.

But when these things all start to pile up, especially with finals approaching, it can be hard to keep yourself afloat.

Taking a step back and trying to learn the limitations of your own brain and body is super important. If you can’t take care of yourself, how are you expected to take care of and be there for others.

This is something I struggle with a lot. I never want to miss out on an opportunity to be fun and spontaneous. But saying yes to everything, especially when it comes at the cost of your own mental health is going to make you feel worse in the long run then if you had just had the strength to say no in the first place.

I’m not going to recommend the same stuff because I don’t subscribe to the “clean girl” aesthetic.

Don’t waste time on a “cleansing” nature walk, making a healthy snack or journaling.

I’m here to offer real solutions that will actually feel like you’re getting some of the time you lost back.

Scroll on TikTok for three hours. Take a five-hour nap starting at 3 p.m. Eat 20 McNuggets with spicy buffalo sauce in bed.

Personally, these remedies heal me completely. It might not be what people typically recommend for self-care but it’s so much better than pretending to journal about your deep feelings and making a healthy smoothie that tastes like crap.

Learning to say yes to things that are out of your comfort zone is a good thing. But learning to say no to some things that are already in your comfort zone can also be a good thing. You’ll have the opportunity to do those things again.

Wanting to be alone is not a bad thing. It does not mean you are antisocial and a recluse, it means you are normal. No one can be around people, even friends, all the time and keep their social batteries fully charged.

We all need that alone time now and again to remind ourselves we should be our top priorities. Taking the best care of yourself will lead to a richer life and better experiences.

Delainey Muscato is a junior journalism major with philosophy and sociology minors. This year she is excited to be the brand deal manager, assistant events planner, and senior editor for the SBU chapter of Her Campus. In her weekly article for Her Campus, she usually writes about her personal experiences at college, as an intern, or just in life. Delainey is excited for her second year as a member of Her Campus and can’t wait to help new members be just as engaged in the club as her. Outside of Her Campus, Delainey is a very active journalist. She writes for a newspaper in Ellicottville, The Villager. These articles typically detail local events or highlight people in the area. She also just began writing for Tap into Greater Olean. This news site covers stories directly rooted in the Olean and Allegany area. This summer, Delainey spent five weeks studying abroad is Sorrento, Italy. In her free time, Delainey loves to spend time with her friends and family. She spends a lot of time reading on her porch at home. Delainey also loves to take her dog Nella on walks. Her favorite TV shows are The Office and Friends. Her favorite movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. She also loves music and spends a lot of time discovering new music and perfecting her playlists. www.linkedin.com/in/delainey-muscato-b10134282