Do You Believe In Ghosts?

It’s that time of year...spooky season has arrived! I love the fall time for many reasons. I love to go pumpkin and apple picking, going on hayrides, watching the leaves change colors, dressing up for Halloween, but most of all, the ghost stories that come along with it.


I have always been interested in the paranormal. I live right near the house where the notorious ghost hunters used to live, Ed and Lorraine Warren. I have visited their famous occult museum where the Annabelle doll is kept. Ed and Lorraine are known for investigating famous paranormal cases such as Annabelle, The Conjuring, Haunting in Connecticut and Amityville Horror.

Being a student at St. Bonaventure University makes this season a whole lot better and definitely spookier. I know not everyone may believe in ghosts, but I surely do!


If you didn’t already know, St. Bonaventure is known for its ghost stories. SBU is a very old school (established in 1858) with a rich history. It is said that the school was built on an Indian burial ground. It is also said that friars performed exorcisms in Dev Hall and a black mass. At first, I thought that these all may be myths and that the school isn’t actually haunted, but once I had a few of my own supernatural experiences, that changed.


  1. The Shadow Man on 4th Lo


This was my first supernatural experience here at Bona’s. I was a freshman and lived on 4th Lo. The weird part about this is that Lo is not known for having ghosts. My first semester I woke up in the middle of the night having this feeling that someone else was in the room besides my roommate. I knew it wasn’t my roommate because she was asleep. It was around 2-3 a.m. I remember trying to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t because something felt off. I sat up in my bed and was staring straight at this tall, black figure in the corner of the room near the closet, diagonal from me. I was absolutely petrified. I remember hiding under my covers and not getting any sleep the rest of the night. Weeks and then months followed and I never experienced whatever that was again. My roommate never did, either. Until this day I am not entirely sure what it was but I believe it was something of the supernatural.


2. The Ghost in Gardens East


My sophomore year (last year) my guy friends lived in Gardens East. They started having weird experiences a few weeks into the school year. Whenever you walked into the apartment you immediately felt this dreadful uneasy feeling. Everyone who has been in there knows the feeling.

My friends said that they would see this large dark shadow wearing a hat on in the corner of their eye. My friends said that at first, they didn’t mention it to each other because they thought if one told the other, they would think they were crazy. One day my friend woke up screaming and his roommate asked him if he saw it too. They all then came together as roommates and agreed that they were all seeing the same thing.


I have had one experience with this ghost and that was around Christmas time. We were having a Christmas party. My friend and I went into the bathroom together. The light in the bathroom was off and when we turned it on there were three scratches across my friend’s chest. We know for a fact those were not there prior to going into the bathroom. I believe that this presence is evil and does not like visitors. This experience was definitely frightening because the three scratches were big. The boys decided to look online to see if they could figure out what this was. There is such a thing as a demon that wears a black hat. They said when they searched it the images that came up looked exactly like what they were seeing. They said whenever something bad was going on in their lives, like a fight between the roommates, or if they were all having a bad day, that’s when they would see it.




The people living in that apartment now have been having the same experiences with this ghost. They reached out to my guy friends because they knew they lived there last year and asked them if they had experienced the same thing. I think this is the most frightening part because it pretty much validates whatever “thing” the boys saw last year. So creepy.


I have experienced a few other small unexplainable happenings, but those are my two main stories for now! Like I said before, I know not everyone believes in ghosts, but these are things my friends and I experienced, so it is up to you whether to believe! That being said, I hope everyone has a fun and spooky Halloween weekend!